Call me Russ L

Now’goo, ‘oo am yow?

My name is Russ. Safe.

If you have anything to say about anything I’ve posted here then I’d prefer it if you left a comment rather than sending me a message directly (this blog is not intended as a one-way broadcast). If it isn’t regarding something in here, please email: Russlstylee [at] Yahoo [dot] com

There’s a Tumblr account used in that scrapbook-ish sort of way, a Twitter page (not a reliable way to contact me, since I’m quite on-and-off in terms of paying attention to it), and a Last.FM profile. Anything else that I may or may not have is probably not intended for general public consumption.

I’m really not the misanthrope that I sometimes appear to be. I just don’t get on with people all that easily.