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Posted in Food, Modern Living, Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 14 February, 2012

~ Happy Valentine’s Day, yer smug couples yers.

~ I went bowling for the first time in about fourteen years, more or less. It was hilarious. But then you ache afterwards.

~ We’re halfway through now, give or take, but (at least some of) the Black Country Ales pubs have a great offer on through all of February – you get a little card to be stamped whenever you buy a pint of anything, and when you have eight you can have a free one. It’s slightly misleading/naughty in that not all of their pubs are participating in it even though it has been made to sound like they are (The Wellington in Brum definitely isn’t, for example. The Black Country Arms in Walsall definitely is. Beyond that I cannot help you. Yet), but still. Free beer.

~ Festival newz~! A fair chunk of the line-up for the Flatpack Fillum Festival is available (not all of it, but there’s apparently going to be a full list of runners and riders by the 22nd); the Fierce Festival will have a recreation of the Daschund UN; the Lunar Festival will have one Benjamin Francis Leftwich playing, who I don’t know but his name sounds similar to ‘sandwich’ and so realistically he must be good; a few bands have declared for the Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul festival, with a lot more to come; the thought of Sabbath being at Download Festival led to me being as near to (coming close to considering the mere beginning of the speculation of the thought of) going to one of these (plainly-stupid advertising-hoarding-based) big festivals as I have been in many years, but Iommi has come down Ill and Ward had come down Wanting, so they’re probably not going to end up playing there. I say that almost as though it was likely in the first place.