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End-Of-Year Count 2018: Films

Posted in Films by Russ L on 1 January, 2019

This is the one that really might not be completely spot-on.

Films watched at home

It’s more-or-less right, but I have a feeling I might have missed a piece of cartoon animal fun or two from the start of the year. I’m pretty sure that they’re in the chronological order of when I watched them. The fact that I really didn’t watch very many at all until about September has helped.

“Shaun The Sheep Movie” (2015)
“Shaun Of The Dead” (2004) (re-watch)
“Hot Fuzz” (2007) (re-watch)
“The World’s End” (2013) (re-watch)
“Sanjuro” (1962)
“Run Lola Run” (1998) (re-watch)
“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” (1988) (re-watch)
“Songs From The Second Floor” (2000)
“You, The Living” (2007) (re-watch)
“A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence (2014)
“Blazing Saddles” (1974) (re-watch)
“Santa’s Boot Camp” (2016)
“12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue” (2012)
“A Carol Christmas” (2003)
“A Doggone Christmas” (2016)
“Bee Movie” (2007)
“Zootropolis” (2016)
“Twelfth Night” (1996)
“Wreck-It Ralph” (2012)
“Bad Day At Black Rock” (1955)

Films watched outside of home

I’m certain this list is right. I’ve been able to establish the dates of these, too.

17/4/18 – “Häxan” (1922) at Birmingham Town Hall with narration from Reece Shearsmith and live music (part of the Flatpack Festival)
23/6/18 – “The Ballad Of Shirley Collins” (2017) at Supersonic Festival
24/6/18 – “Betty: They Say I’m Different” (2017) at Supersonic Festival
3/8/18 – “Night Of The Living Dead” (1968) at Dudley Zoo/Castle
4/8/18 – “The Lost Boys” (1987) at Dudley Zoo/Castle
22/10/18 – “Unarius: The Awakening” (or an edited version thereof) (1980) with music from Scott Johannsson at The Space Lady’s gig at The Hare & Hounds
31/10/2018 – “Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde” (1920) at Birmingham Town Hall with organ accompaniment



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