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End-Of-Year-Count 2016: Films

Posted in Films by Russ L on 31 December, 2016

I’m not going to try to add telly programmes this time. It’s a bit too messy.

Films watched at home:

Not very many, it turns out. And I didn’t even do the customary watching-of-Christmas-films. This is the first year in a long time (an extremely long time) in which I haven’t watched “The Muppet Christmas Carol”.

“He Never Died” (2015)
“Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015)
“Fargo” (1996) (re-watch)
“Dreamchild” (1985)
“Cloud Atlas” (2013)
“The Girl With The Green Eyes” (1964)
“Foxcatcher” (2014) (re-watch)
“Alice In Wonderland” (1933)
“Frozen” (2013)

Film-related events:

I don’t go to the pictures because – as I’ve noted before – it’s rubbish. I did go to these film-y type events/showings:

28/7/16 – “Black Country Disasterchef” world premier at Great Bridge Library
6/8/16 – “The Bride Of Frankenstein” at Dudley Castle (courtesy of Flatpack Film Festival)
31/10/16 – “The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari” at Birmingham Town Hall



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