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End-Of-Year-Count 2014: Theatre/Stage

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 3 January, 2015

The list of plays I went to this year is something beyond pathetic.

3/5/14 – “Wyrd Sisters” (adapted from Terry Pratchett by Stephen Briggs) – Jadis Shadows Theatre Company – The Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham
2/6/14 – “Under Milk Wood” (by Dylan Thomas) – Clwd Theatre Cymru – The Rep, Birmingham
13/6/14 – “Head Girl” (by Darren Haywood) – Taking Changes – Blue And Orange Theatre, Hockley, Birmingham
18/6/14 – “Under The Sun” (by Richard Constable, Tim Wright, Gerald Kells, Ian Kendall, Naomi Paul, and Robert Warrington) – Big Script – The Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham
20/9/12 – “Avenue Q” (by Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx and Jeff Whitty) – Sell-A-Door Theatre Company – The New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Opera will have its own list, of course. If you feel it counts (I’m never sure what to make of this sort of thing, myself), I went to an onstage-interview type o’thing with Meera Syal (as part of the Birmingham Literature Festival) at the Brum Library Studio Theatre on the 11th of October.

EDIT: Ooh ooh ooh! Comedians are ‘stage’, too. I went to see Miranda Hart on her “My, What I Call, Live Show” tour at the NIA on the 17th of October.

And there were some spoken word people (Sophie Sparham, Sophie Hadley and Eleanor Lisney) speaking some words at the Revolt night at the Coal Vaults on the 29th of November (see the gig list), too.



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