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End-Of-Year-Count 2013: Talks, films, music that doesn’t fit into ‘pop’ or ‘opera’, exhibitions and attractions, sport, animals, barbeque, miscellany

Posted in Books, Combat Sports, Films, Food, Modern Living, Music, Stage, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 6 January, 2014

Hey, there’s been more stuff too.

On 19/1/13 I went to the only boxing card that I’ve been to in years, namely the “Prizefighter” welterweight tournament at Wolverhampton Civic Hall; on 6/3/13 I went to a programme of Steve Reich musics at Birmingham Symphony Hall, preceded by a talk from the fella himself; The Flatpack Film Festival took place in 2013, and I saw “Songs And Dances Of Death” on 22/3/13 (the Mussorgsky song-cycle sung in an unused shopfront in the Great Western Arcade, combined with animations from Parker & Alexeiff) as well as the two “Pick’n’Mix” collections of shorts at The Old Library in The Custard Factory on 29/3/213 and 30/3/13; there was a visit to Blakeley Hall and Aston Hall on 7/4/13 (they were having a free weekend); two (count ‘em) visual art exhibitions that I really really enjoyed on 13/4/13, with “Metropole” at BMAG and Stan’s Café’s “Of All The People In All The World” (The Rice Show! An old favourite) at Two Snow Hill; the Lightwoods Park Mayday Festival, including “Sandwell’s Strongest Man” (much more fun to watch than I expected) on 6/5/13; the “Crossroads Of Sabbath” Black Sabbath guided tour around Aston/Newtown/Perry Bar, as part of the Free Walking Festival on 2/6/13; the Natural History Museum in That Kensington on 14/6/13, with particular reference to the temporary Butterfly exhibition; the Museum Of The Jewellery Quarter (AMAZING), The Pen Museum in the Jewellery Quarter (alright) and some exhibitions at Ikon Gallery (I forget precisely what) on 15/6/13; the talk from Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records and film-showings of various Alan Lomax archive material at Vivid Projects on 26/6/13; I had a barbeque that went (implausibly) well on 29/6/13, and everyone seemed quite happy with it, although I think there was definitely more that I could have done (next time!); the Shugborough Country Show on 28/7/13, including jousting and some fantastic animal demonstrations; a dog show at Warley Woods on 8/9/13 (you absolutely must go and see a small/haphazardly organised dog show if you get chance. There is nothing funnier); a visit to Plantasia near Nuneaton on 21/9/13; The Birmingham Literature Festival (nee The Birmingham Book Festival), of which I saw a talk from Will Self at Birmingham Library Studio Space on 7/10/13 and a talk from Catherine O’Flynn at Ikon Gallery on 11/10/13; a screening of “Nosferatu” with live organ accompaniment at Brum Town Hall on 31/10/13; Shugborough Christmas Fair on (…date? Early December, anyway), which wasn’t anywhere near as good as the Summer do; and…

… All the prosaic stuff that happens all the time.

There may have been more fun things too, if I forgot to write them down at the time. Dunno. Can’t remember.

Nobody read that. I am certain.



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