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I’ll have you know that my music is tagged fine, thank you very much.

Posted in Modern Living, Music by Russ L on 14 July, 2013

It’s the inconsistency of the auto-correction on Last.Fm that is the problem.


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  1. Stevie Too Bad said, on 14 July, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    Crikey! Auto-correction! Yes, actually I remember making playlists (remember when they still worked) and I’d add certain songs to a list but when I played back the list Last FM had often replaced the original version with some inferior (to my ears) version, such as one from a live album. Also Last FM is not at all tolerant of useful appends to album names, like “Remaster” “UK” “The Blues Collection No 18” etc… The only use I find for Last FM these days is for seeing what you’ve been playing :-)

  2. Stevie Too Bad said, on 14 July, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    What happened! My comment disappeared when I clicked “post”. Bah! Bring back talking I say!

  3. Russ L said, on 15 July, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Sorry Stevio, the spam filter was getting a bit over-zealous.

    This is possibly ironic, given what we were talking about. Or possibly further evidence of the machine conspiracy. I dunno.

    The point of Last.FM for me has aaaaaalways been to list what I’ve been listening to (I like lists). This is compromised by some of these auto-correctin’ larks though. They are user-voted-for, as far as I can tell, but that’s little comfort in this horrific world of ours.

    The one that prompted my post was “Sun Ra And His Myth Science Arkestra” changing to “Sun Ra” whilst “Sun Ra Arkestra” stays as itself, but that’s far from the worst. “Iggy And The Stooges” changing to “The Stooges” gets me more angry than Post Office privatisation. Graaaah.

    (It doesn’t really).


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