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Posted in Books, Films, Linklog, Modern Living, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 28 April, 2013

Okey-dokey my bredrins and sistrins, we did some videos yesterday and as such we’d probably better go about restoring the appropriate text-to-image balance (i.e. a metric blue whale-full more words than pictures, because verbal is cool and visual is… erm… ducking stool? I’m not making my own point very well).

~ 21 British problems (via Ben Swizzle, a while ago).

~ A Venn diagram of almost every Obama conspiracy theory ever (via Skepchick, a while ago).

~ Photos of melting glaciers (via Kottke, a while ago).

~ Occasionally we do have something that looks a bit like democracy, but basically you still have to raise a load of money for it to work.

~ On reading novels and forgetting the plots, which is something I am a blighter for (via Bookslut, forever ago).

~ All about the French New Wave fillums.

~ All about the Spaghetti Western fillums.

~ “Why on earth should finance be the biggest and most highly paid industry when it’s just a utility, like sewage or gas?” (via Kottke, years ago).

~ A map of the world with the size of countries matched to their populations (via Kottke, years ago, again).

~ E.B.White’s other pig story, and I should point out now as I always do that it absolutely blew my mind out of my ears when I realised that E.B. White of “Charlotte’s Web” fame was the pigmentless half of Strunk & White (via Maud Newton, years ago).



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