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Another Bloomin’ Christmas

Posted in Books, Modern Living, Music by Russ L on 30 December, 2012

Harry Crossmoose!

Well, it’s over now, but I hope everybody had a lovely time. I always love Christmas. This year, birds got fed.

In a general sense I hope that you have a merry new year too, but I don’t really care about all that so much.

Some links, why not:

~ The Worst Things For Sale. There should be a ‘via’ but I’ve forgotten.

~ “My Aretha” – I think I like the stuff he doesn’t like more than he likes it (or doesn’t), but the more general gist is interesting. And yes-yes-yes to that first “never”.

~ A bit by Tom Ewing about trolls that I’d agree with 100%, particularly the fact that “a word which spans ‘teasing a pop forum about its music tastes’ and ‘sending death threats by email to someone about their kids’ is not a sustainable word”. As an aside, that was my main problem with that “Thank You Hater!” song that everyone seemed to inexplicably love. I know that generally (not always, but generally) you already know that you’re in the midst of some complete drivel as soon as you hear the word ‘hater’ and as such I shouldn’t be surprised, but that thing appeared to view saying “You’re not funny and you never will be” (and similar) as somehow being the same thing as a threat of rape. Worried me a touch, so it did. Anyway, here ends the digression from what was only going to be a link in the first place.

~ A great piece about architecture and town planning in Brum, via N.B. Of course we all know that henceforth anything even remotely connected to civic planning in Birmz must be followed by a “see also P’Ashton’s lovely piece”.

~ The physics of space battles – via Kottke, years ago.

~ “The Joking Computer, a kiosk-based installation running software made by artificial intelligence researchers at the University of Aberdeen. The software uses phonetic information about English words and semantic information from WordNet to generate pun-based riddles” – via Waxy, years ago.

~ I Write Like…



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