Call me Russ L

On the Thursday before the week before the Wednesday From Light

Posted in Blogstuff, Music, Stage, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 16 August, 2012

The thought occurs that the previous post is probably a bit too negative to leave at the top of my front page for two whole months, and as such I’d better post something else quickstyle.

That there thing did annoy me, but I still have much love (as I believe the young’ins say) for the Birmingham Opera Company and I’m really looking forward to the Helicoptera. To displace that post, then, I’ll link to the download of this interview with B’h-Op’s Graham Vick (it should be there for a good while but it won’t last permanently, so get it sometime soon). He is, as ever, pretty much the best of us.

I will post something else soon. Probably not, by this point, very many of the various things I’ve sincerely intended to post over the last months, but something. There should at the absolute very least be something about Mostly Jazz, Funk And Soul, because it was amazing.


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