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Linklogification – 25/2/12

Posted in Books, Linklog, Modern Living, Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 25 February, 2012

~ The Muppet Wicker Man – see also this video (via Fypa).

~ I saw (via The Complete Review) that the shortlist of The Diagram Prize For The Oddest Book Title Of The Year is out, and that gave me the thought of looking at the list of past winners. My favourite would have to be the 2004 champ “Bombproof Your Horse”, although I’m also very partial to 1992’s “How To Avoid Huge Ships”.

~ “The Dark Room” – an extremely funny (really) YouTube game (via Waxy).

From the old linklog:

~ The Quietus’ retrospective of Neurosis – I haven’t listened to Neurosis very much in these recent years. Maybe I should, Milhouse, maybe I should.

~ The attractiveness of waitresses as economic indicator (originally via Kottke).

~ The ten oldest still-inhabited cities (originally via Kottke).

~ The Science Of Cosby (originally via Waxy).



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