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Linklogification – 16/2/12

Posted in Blogstuff, Books, Linklog, Modern Living, Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 16 February, 2012

Log that link.

~ Gorgeous video of bookshelves organising themselves (via Fyeepa Pyeet) (see also: Bookshelf Porn, safe for work in spite of the contextless ubiquity of the word ‘porn’ nowadays, via Ben Swizzle).

~ “Chatchat”, a game about being a cat (as far as I can tell it loads in Firefox and not IE, though) (via Waxy).

~ Diamanda Galas on the subject of Whitney Houston, and whilst I’m not going to pretend that a little part of the reason that I’m linking this is because that’s not the sort of sentence that you get to type very often, it’s not the only reason (via Bookslut).

From the old linklog:

~ Detective Mittens (and there are lots of funny videos on that there Filmcow site).

~ The Social History Of The MP3 (originally via Tom Ewing).

“You’re Looking At It Wrong” – sales of different music formats over time (although why they started in 73 is anyone’s guess, as I said at the time).

~ “Hyperland” – Douglas Adams’ 1990 documentary about the future of “interactive media”. Also: Tom Baker.



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