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Linklogification – 22/1/12

Posted in Linklog, Modern Living, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 22 January, 2012

Bleedin’ hell, three weeks in already.

~ ”How To Look At Billboards” by Howard Gossage – something good that I read ages ago and have recently blundered across again.

~ I quite like this timeline of “Doctor Who” – yes, I very obviously am that sad, why even bother asking? (via D-Log).

~ There exists such a thing as “The Apostrophe Preservation Society” (via the Tindal Street Press Twitter).

~ This is probably of very limited interested for anyone who isn’t from Sandwell, but I was initially surprised that the new Wetherspoons that they’ve opened in Oldbury (in what used to be the library) was called “The Court Of Requests”. Here’s the why-fore (with more photos here); the building was originally a debtors court and prison(!), and then a police station prior to becoming the library. I knew none of this. (As an aside, what sort of strange world do we live in where a town can have the lovely Victorian building be the chain pub and the ‘orrible blue/purple plastic thing be the library. “Arse-backwards” is the phrase that comes hurtling to mind).

And, from the old linklog:

~ The day that John Robb (of Goldblade/writing/etc fame) went to Congress.

~ A 45 minute interview with Noam Chomsky about linguistics, from 1977 – it’s very hard to imagine anything like this appearing on the telly nowadays (N.B. – I remember this being good from when I saw it a few years ago, but I haven’t re-watched it recently to confirm).

~ “The Meaning Of Briff” – Douglas Adams & John Lloyd’s “The Meaning Of Liff” (using the names of towns as words for concepts that previously didn’t have one) done with Birmingham and Black Country places.



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