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Linklogification – 15/1/12

Posted in Books, Food, Linklog, Modern Living, Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 15 January, 2012

The second linklog post of the year.

~ Drinkify matches the band you’re listening to with a cocktail (via Kottke).

~ I really liked this article (that is partly) about Douglas Adams’ plotting (via Andrew Hickey).

~ Annotations for the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack (via Waxy).

Diggin ‘em up from the olden days:

~ Winders – Black Country Windows (this originally came around attached to emails, if I remember rightly, but I think it was put on Scribd by the good people at B:INS).

~ 9 corporate attempts at ‘edgy’ that failed hilariously

~ Tom Ewing’s “A Million Hearts” from 2002 – “To talk about pop the way the investors do – to say that these records are valuable, and that these are less so – is to see pop as a kind of linguaphone course in Taste. A rich and enjoyable course to be sure, one that takes a lifetime, but still a process of learning. To talk about pop the way the wastrels do is to see pop as a journey without a map – a drift, along which you stumble on remarkable beauties, which thrill you and maybe change you but which you always pass by. The way almost all of us see pop is a mixture of both, maybe”.


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