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Linklogification – 7/11/11

Posted in Food, Linklog, Modern Living, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 7 November, 2011

Back now.

~ (Illustrated) Adventures In Depression (via Fypa.Net).

~ The best anti-drink-driving advert that there has ever been, ever – from New Zealand, and including the phrase “You know I can’t grab your ghost chips” (via Fighting Dantasy).

~ An opposing set of claims to those that the government are making about the recent civil service pensions offer.

From the old linklog:

~ An hour-long documentary about Sikh geezer who decides to grow his beard to see if it has an effect on how people treat him – Caveat: I haven’t re-watched it, but I remember thinking it was really good at the time.

~ Tiny people in broccoli – creepy (originally via Waxy).

~ The 52 original episodes of Red Dwarf ranked in order of quality.


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