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Linklogification – 24/10/11

Posted in Books, Combat Sports, Linklog, Modern Living, Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 24 October, 2011

What, I ask you, what does a homeboy do when recovering from Supersonic and the disappointment of the cancellation of a nice little trip you had planned? The obvious answer is “post some links”.

~ David Crystal’s “The Story of English in 100 Words” (via D-Log).

~ Jeff Lynn telephones Roy Wood & Noddy Holder (Via B:INS).

~ A set of skeleton keys were lost at a newly privatised prison – It’s not that I don’t understand that accidents occasionally happen, it’s just that every single time there’s a similar accident regarding a public body it tends to be widely reported and a bunch of people say “privatise ’em, then it won’t happen”. I share this in the name of balance.

Aaaand a few from the old linklog:

~ Kitty Wigs (originally via Kottke).

~ ”Viva Max!” – the tale of a Muay Thai interclub, the day after Wlad Klitschko vs Sultan Ibragimov. A great read.

~ The EGBG anti-telemarketing counterscript – a non-nasty, non-aggressive response to irritating cold callers.



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