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(Very) Brief impressions of bands seen over the last 3 weeks

Posted in Music by Russ L on 20 October, 2011

If I do it, then it’s done, and we can get on with Chiliersonic.

~ History Of The Hawk – High energy DriveLikeJehupunk that you’ve heard a million times before, but plenty of fun nevertheless.

~ Sweet Williams – Sort of like a pastoral-yet-spaced-out post-rock, I suppose, not quite drone but leaning that way. Soothing.

~ Mr Hopkinson’s Computer – Actually a computer, with no human hand to be seen, playing cover versions and addressing the crowd with between-song-banter. This probably won’t be the future of performance, but only because the oilpocalypse is looming and soon no-one will be able to build computers anymore. I really dug the earthshaker bass on its version of “Got Your Money”.

~ T-Toe – Uptempo Dubstep-ish beats with trombone and awful “ironic” vocals over the top. I do think I would’ve quite liked it music-wise, but the whole affair was rendered completely unenjoyable by the particularly unconvincing faux-naivety and sub Ali-G “what is you doing rudeboy” crap.

~ Modified Toy Orchestra – A two-man version of MTO, playing Casio keyboards. This was all very different to the MTO that you know and (if you’ve any sense) love. Were they circuit-bent? I thought they were sampling keyboards and thus you could have used them for whatever sound you fancied anyway, but I suspect there might be an enormous point that I’m missing. Icy swirls of bleep, anyway, icy swirls of bleep that I liked.

~ Coppe’ – A lot more jazzy and a lot more funk-like than ever I would have imagined, live. Quite Hawaiian-y sounding at times at times (not that I know a thing about Hawaiian music), maybe, sort of. I suppose it befits “the Japanese Bjork” to confound expectations, no matter what expectations you may have had.

~ Stone Foundation – Stock soul revue business. If the singer tried to be Paul Weller any harder he’d… I dunno what he’d do. Get more boring as he gets older, I suppose.

~ The Specials – Oh come on now it’s The Specials, AKA* one of the greatest bands ever ever ever. You don’t need to ask. Too much second album stuff, obviously, but still: The Specials.

~ Kogumaza – Swampy, swampy doom. I liked their guitar tone.

~ Enablers – Pete Simonelli is like Nick Cave gone to seed, both in onstage movements and in his louche-loungelizard-lothario meets menacing-madeyed-murderer appearance. The band expand fluidly like an old-fashioned tape measure being rolled out and then violently contract like a modern metal tape measure whipping back to its default state. Or something. These are all good things.

~ Michelle Shocked/Peter O’Toole (not that one, obviously)/The Sweater Set – All doing a big ‘ole set together, going on and off stage and backing eacher other up on songs and so forth. We had a good chunk of 50s-ness and cabaret-style alongside more expected Americana folk, and this was nice. ‘Chel really is an endearing character (and to think that two months ago hers was just a name I’d heard, whilst knowing nothing of her music). “Anchorage” was glorious. Dickheadman in the crowd was annoying, but then again there’s always a dickheadman in the crowd who is annoying.

So there you have it.

* DidjaseewhatIdidthere



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