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Linklogification – 14/10/11

Posted in Combat Sports, Food, Linklog, Modern Living, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 14 October, 2011

Continuing with this linklark.

~ Passport To The Pub (from the old linklog) is a magnificent thing – a guide to British pubs, for foreign tourists, written by the anthropologist Kate Fox (and, typing this, I’ve just started listening to the podcast of her Four Thought. That was a genuine co-incidence, I hadn’t made the connection from just her name. Spooky. It’s great, anyway, listen to it before it disappears). Some of the stuff about licensing hours is out of date and I really don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage people to merrily skip into estate pubs if they’re not well-practiced at reading the surroundings, but it’s a fun read.

~ Douglas Rushkoff writes about “Occupy Wall Street” for CNN”Yes, as so many journalists seem obligated to point out, kids are criticizing corporate America while tweeting through their iPhones. The simplistic critique is that if someone is upset about corporate excess, he is supposed to abandon all connection with any corporate product. Of course, the more nuanced approach to such tradeoffs would be to seek balance rather than ultimatums. Yes, there are things big corporations might do very well, like making iPhones. There are other things big corporations may not do so well, like structure mortgage derivatives. Might we be able to use corporations for what works, and get them out of doing what doesn’t?” (via).

~ Reviews of national flags, from the old linklog. I don’t agree with the criteria he goes by, though – the ones with pictures of sheep or dragons or whatnot are the best ones, if you ask me.

~ Also from the old linklog, this may be the oldest filmed Thai boxing footage that exists. I’m not sure if it’s Muay Thai or Muay Boran, though – they look bare-fisted to me (someone more eagle-eyed than I am may be able to see their hands more clearly), but I didn’t think Muay Boran was fought in boxing rings. I’m more certain that the music you can hear is not what was being played in the building, it’s far too western-scale-friendly.

~ Vote Bear, for ultimate integrity.

~ Finally, the original pitch for “The Muppet Show”. You already know it will have been brilliant.



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