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Posted in Stage by Russ L on 2 March, 2011

I first saw Stan’s Café’s The Cleansing Of Constance Brown a couple of years ago, and I thought it was amazing. It’s now back in Birmingham and I was really keen to see it again.

It’s made up of a series of striking vignettes of power and powerlessness, both big and small, all performed in a corridor with the far wall (the wall with the vanishing point in the middle of it as you look down the corridor lengthways. Does that make any sense at all?) moving back and forth to expand and shorten it. This variously (and very convincing) portrays an office, a hallway in a block of flats… ah, loads of things. They’re only little sketches, but they’re very well-observed and acted – the characters all feel entirely believable and real even if only seen for 30 seconds. A lot of the scenes elide smoothly into one another – the drunken office party turns into Abu Ghraib without showing the joins, for example (and that was still very disturbing on my second time around).

“Dreamlike” is the word that occurs, thinking of the flow of it all and the way that disparate things link perfectly without having any obvious connection. This is, in fact, probably the thing most akin to a dream that I’ve experienced in any creative form outside of literature.

There were, alas, only eleven people in the audience at the 8:30 performance last night, and worry has been expressed before about the ticket sales. I don’t know what to say about that, other than “Go! Make sure you go to this!”

There are two performances per day carrying on up to the 19th (not Sundays or Mondays), and you can get your tickets from here. If you go, you won’t regret it; if you don’t and it gets cancelled due to insufficient interest, I’m shooting the puppy.

(EDIT: There’s a short list of links to things others have written about TCOCB here. A mini-collective memory, of sorts, if you will).

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  1. Tom Podmore said, on 8 March, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    Nothing to do with the above post, Russ, but i thought i’d link you to a blog i run on Midlands Boxing,

  2. Russ L said, on 9 March, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Wahey, it’s Tom. Hope all is well.

    I am already following that (did you link it at Boxrec at some point? I found it from somewhere, anyway), but cheers for letting me know.


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