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Posted in Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 4 December, 2010

Listmania~! My twenty most-seen popular musical acts (and trust, I’m disproportionately happy that with all the joint places I was able to get a nice round twenty):

=18) Einstellung (6 times)
=18) Ramesses (6 times)
=18) The Klopeks (6 times)
=15) Rolo Tomassi (7 times)
=15) Beestung Lips (7 times)
=15) Numinor (7 times)
=9) Modified Toy Orchestra (8 times)
=9) Tunng (8 times)
=9) Una Corda (8 times)
=9) The Courtesy Group (8 times)
=9) Deadsunrising (8 times)
=9) Intention (8 times)
=6) Beverley Knight (9 times)
=6) Clutch (9 times)
=6) Godsize (9 times)
5) Decimate (14 times)
4) The Destroyers (15 times)
3) Carina Round (19 times)
=1) Mothertrucker (24 times)
=1) Mistress (24 times)

Mistress and Mothertrucker joint winners at the moment, then. Special category awards go to Clutch (my most seen foreign band) and Our Bev (my most seen genuinely famous artiste).

What’s also interesting to me is that if I added the bands that I’ve seen five times (Freebase, Assert, The Arm, Mills & Boon, Editors) I’d get a nice round top 25. Given that I remember feeling (for a long while) as though I couldn’t manage to break my limit of seeing a band more than four times, this seems somehow significant.

Obviously, this is correct at the time of posting (the afternoon of 4/12/10) and likely to change at any point after that.

(EDIT: Also obviously, there’s a full list of all the gigs I’ve been to and will continue to be as long as the internet has some space in its margin).

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  1. James Yarker said, on 18 December, 2010 at 12:20 am

    Good on you. We’d all be doomed without the enthusiasts of this world.


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