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East Bromwich denizen of the year

Posted in Modern Living, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 23 November, 2010

BINS’ “Brummie Of The Year” competition became a little bit boring a few years ago, when it became obvious that there’d always be a campaign to see it won by some sort of sensible candidate rather than a local animal and/or drunk. The nominations stage is now open for this year, but given what’s happened in the comments thread there so far I wouldn’t expect too much. Have a look if you want to see some quite astonishing stupidity, though.

The gist of it is:

“I nominate this Gary bloke.”
“I nominate this Gary bloke too.”
“You don’t need to nominate him, he’s already nominated and thus will be on the ballot.”
“Shut your face, the people want to nominate him. You must be opposed to freedom of speech, you evil fascist.”
“I nominate this Gary bloke”

Repeat 381 times.

(EDIT: Called it).



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