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They don’t care about Don’t Care

Posted in Music by Russ L on 15 March, 2010

Much like the gig I went to a few days earlier, there were a few reasons to be unhappy about the Obituary do on the 7th of March before it even started. Again it was at The Academy, again it was more expensive than you would have thought it warranted (I have since found out that you could get cheaper tickets from at least one of the opening bands, but I didn’t know that beforehand), and it seems that my copy of “World Demise” has gone adrift somewhere (I have the case still but I’m buggered if I know where the CD is. That’s my favourite of theirs, too. Any or all of this may or may not make me a “poseur”. I’m not sure what the latest ISO standard is).

Whichever way up, I got there in time for Persefone (sic). As much as I really (and I do mean really) want to love and adore a metal band who hail from Andorra (really now), their melodic death metal with long proggy widdly-wah bits in place of songs was pretty boring. There was lots of instrumental prowess on display, if you value that sort of thing.

Obituary really are on one of my favourite death metal bands bands, largely due to how adept they were at combining a full frontal assault (that genuinely sounds effective, as opposed to he 381,789 bands who just play back the riffs and convey no energy) with the slower bits that seem spaced out, in a vaguely similar way to when sludge metal gets obliquely dub-like. We didn’t get much of the latter at this gig, but their assault moments were genuinely full frontal/genuinely effecte/genuinely conveying of energy. The other great thing about them, of course, was John Tardy’s vocals, and they were front and centre here. He sounds like a wild beast that’s particularly angry about the throat leprosy it recently contracted, or some other such silly simile. Bosting stuff, although I’ll confess to being as disappointed as everyone else that they didn’t play “Don’t Care”.

Side note: one geezer came a-cropper in the pit and was carried off to one side (to wait for the paramedics) with his leg-below-the-knee pointing in the wrong direction. It’s a sign of how desensitized I’ve become to other people’s knee dislocations (and certainly no insult to this fella) that my first reaction was “pfah, I’ve seen Louise pop her knee back together from one like that without her even wincing”.

(Other words about this gig can be read here and here).

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