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Posted in Combat Sports, Food, Modern Living, Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 22 February, 2010

Things I’ve particularly liked over the last week or so:

~ Untitled 2 seemed like an interesting sounding happening at The Hare And Hounds in Kings Heath – a one-night-only exhibition by local artists, accompanied by a short (very short, but I was warned about that) set o’music from Laura Louise. Exhibition-wise, I especially liked Faye Binza’s red wooden blocky thingybob (forgive me. I just don’t have the vocabulary for visual art) and already knew that Steve Gerrard took very striking photographs. Laura Louise’s three songs (or, rather, such of them as I could hear; see below) were enjoyable, but she definitely seems to sound different every time I see her. This time we had sharp and percussive (almost funk-ish, in a funny sort of way) acoustic guitar and that astonishing voice of hers. I’ll have to actually see her at a proper gig at some point.
~ I’ve only recently discovered Thatchers’ “Cheddar Valley” (they had it in The Anchor last week, don’t know if it’s there permanently though). Lovely stuff. Reddy-orange cider though, what a notion.
~ The first chess session with James L. Jamesivan in over 18 months was fun, and I won a game! With, scarcely believably, scholar’s mate. That was before he’d started paying attention, though, and of course I lost the following four. This brings my running total against him to something like two wins, two stalemates, and probably going on thirty losses.
~ It’s been in my Delicious/linklog for a while now, but it’s worth saying again that the new Gil Scott-Heron album (perfectly legal stream here) really is something special.

Things I haven’t particularly liked over the last week or so:

~ People talking (and quite often shouting) over Laura Louise while she was trying to play at the abovementioned H&H do. I realise I can’t quite moan about it in the same way I usually do, given that this wasn’t really a gig and instead just a room in the pub they would probably have been talking/shouting in anyway, but still. Bah.
~ Bribery/graft (and I definitely don’t mean in the “hard working” sense) is alive and well in this country. I can’t be specific for the usual “getting sacked for conduct unbecoming” reasons, but it’s astonishing how your latest whim can leap to life in a government department that you have nothing to do with if you’re a substantial Labour party donor with an, erm, literary name.
~ Oh, Rodnog.
~ Supersonic is to be in October this year. While this is a good thing (for me) in terms of avoiding any possible clash with anniversary-type dates, it’s a bad (oh so bad) thing in terms of the fact that it’ll be bloody freezing (oh so bloody freezing).

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  1. The Baron said, on 25 February, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    Ahhhh yes…Chedder Valley’s a fine pint. They always seem to have it on when I go there. A close second to Weston’s Old Rosie and one of your five a day. Probably.

    Supersonic in October. Brrrrr. That’s an odd move. Still, If I get a few Chedder Valley’s inside me I’ll not know the difference…


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