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Lots Of Things To See And Do In The West Midlands – February 2010

Posted in Combat Sports, LOTTSADITWM, Music, Stage, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 30 January, 2010

I’m falling back heavily on the music/theatre standards this month, I’m afraid. I haven’t been able to find too many of the curious little oddities that add so much to life. I’m sure they’re happening, of course, I just don’t know about them.

Standard disclaimers: I can’t ensure that these events will go ahead, that they’ll be good, or that I will be going to them. This is just a list of things I found that looked like they might be interesting, so please do not contact me to ask for your event to be included. That’s not the way it works.

Monday the 1st – The Ex and Brass Unbound @ The Hare And Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – A Capsule do featuring Dutch post-punky-sorts reinforced by “four of the world’s most powerful and performative horn players”. What in blue hell they think they mean by ‘performative’ in this context is something I do not know, but I’m sure the gig will be ace. Confusingly (well… potentially), former Capsule turn Nancy Elizabeth is doing a gig in the other room on the same night.

Monday the 1st – Lacuna Coil @ The Academy, Birmingham – Italian goth-rock of the gappy spirally variety.

Wednesday the 3rd until Saturday the 13th – Birmingham School of Acting season @ The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham – One of the BSA’s semi-regular residencies at The Crescent, this time doing (amongst other things) a stage adaptation of “Anna Karenina” and Caryl Churchill’s version of Strindberg’s “A Dream Play”.

Tuesday the 9th – “Bully” by Richard Fry @ The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton – Monologue/one-man show type of thing regarding the cycles of violence involved in bullying, domestic and homophobic abuse etc. Extremely well-regarded, it seems.

Tuesday the 9th – “An Evening Of Kurt Weill” (Brum Conservatoire students) @ Recital Hall, The Conservatoire, Birmingham – Mack The Three Penny Knife. Note that it says “of” rather than “with”, for obvious reasons.

Thursday the 11th till Saturday the 27th – “Cling To Me Like Ivy” (Birmingham Rep Theatre Company) @ The Door, The Rep Theatre, Birmingham – Doubt is cast upon a Jewish girl’s wig, and her life unravels. Apparently this play was inspired by a remark by Victoria Beckham. That’s not something you get to say every day.

Thursday the 11th – Willy Vlautin @ The Victoria, Birmingham – A solo gig (rare, I gather) by the novelist/singer from that Richmond Fontaine band of yours.

Thursday the 11th – Cluster @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – The wibbly-wobbly floaty ambient side of 70s Germanrock. Local Don Gorgons Einstellung are also on the bill.

Saturday the 13th – Telescopes @ The Victoria, Birmingham – Feedbacky feedbackalots. Local Don Gorgons Einstellung are also on this bill, too.

Saturday the 13th – Jesca Hoop @ The Glee Club, Birmingham – I am not entirely convinced by the bits I’ve heard, but Jesca “quicker to say than ‘Jesica’ in a manner similar to Barbra Streisand” Hoop won Dr Ladysounds’ award for the best album of 2009, and this cannot be gainsaid.

Sunday the 14th – Carmina Burana (Matthew Jones Orchestra And Choir) @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – BOM BARM BOM BARM! (dun dun) BOM BARM BOM BARM! (dun dun) BOM BAARM, BARM BARM BEE BAR BAAAARM! (dun dun) BOM BARM BOM BARM! And so forth.

Tuesday the 16th – “Untitled 2” @ The Hare And Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – An evening involving exhibited works from a variety of artists, photographers and jewellers, and a set o’ music from the ace Laura Louise.

Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th – “Grimm Tales” (University Of Wolverhampton drama department) @ The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton – Our Beloved Laureate C.A. Duffy’s play, based in fairy tales.

Friday the 19th till Saturday the 6th of March – “Dancing At Lughnasa” (Birmingham Rep Theatre Company) @ The Rep, Birmingham – Five sisters and a priest, to be sure to be sure (not sisters like that, though).

Friday the 19th – Bentley Rhythm Ace @ Space 2, The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham – What size of beat? Big beat. That is the size of beat that we are looking at here.

Saturday the 20th – Drumming Day @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – With a kiddies-join-in bit at 11am and then a performance of Steve Reich’s “Drumming” at 7:30pm.

Monday the 22nd till Wednesday the 24th – “Charlie And Lola’s Bestest Play” (Polka Theatre) @ The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry – Aaw. They’re lovely. And I don’t normally like children.

Wednesday the 24th – Overkill @ The Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton – Ther-rash~!

Thursday the 25th till Saturday the 27th – “Kennedy’s Children” (W.A.T.B. I don’t know what that stands for) @ The Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham – Several people in a bar (it’s American) speak of the world after JFK’s shooting.

Saturday the 27th till the 20th of March – “The Dark Side Of Buffoon” (The Brothers Marquez) @ The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry – Set in a nineteenth century circus. Includes lion tamers and Siamese twins (conjoined at the hair).

Sunday the 28th – Boxing (First Team Promotions) @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – An afternoon do (doors at twelve) headlined by Dean Harrison vs Ben Lawler for the Midlands light-welterweight belt, but the name for the card is – get this – “Crunch Time At Lunchtime”. Priceless. (EDIT: Ah, typical – not long after posting this, I read that it’s been postponed till the 14th of March).


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  1. Katie said, on 30 January, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Thanks for the plug Mr Russ L. We are really excited for the gig, we are big Richmond Fontaine fans, and when we saw Willy V wasn’t due round these parts, we had to book him!

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