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The Bestest Evaaar

Posted in Music by Russ L on 15 January, 2010

Following on from my little list here, it seems that the Blue Whale Blog’s Grand List Of The Best Local Bands 2000-2009 has been enumerated, calculated, added-up and generally put into order. Places 100-11 are here; the top ten is here, with a Brumcast podcast about them here.

For the most part it’s no shock to see that my faves don’t accord with the very top of the list (although quite a few of them are in the top 100 as a whole. My top eleven is actually closer to a previous Brumcast broadcast, in which Small Christopher gave his own top fifteen), but I am genuinely surprised that The Destroyers didn’t come a little (and maybe even a lot) higher up the chart. I really thought they would, what with them seeming to have widespread popularity and such nowadays.

I’m actually relatively unfamiliar with the final top ten – I have heard them all now (thanks, again, to said Brumcast castcast), but in six/seven cases this was actually the first time. Previously I’d seen The Big Bang twice (should’ve been more, but there we go) and liked them, I’d seen Sunset Cinema Club twice and not particularly liked them, and I’d heard odds’n’sods by Misty’s Big Adventure and remained undecided. I’d never seen/heard Calories but I had twice seen and liked their prior incarnation Distophia.

The others (although all names I’d heard of as knocking about the place) were new to me, and I enjoyed most of what I heard and wish to hear more. This is, realistically, the best possible outcome.

Y’all should be listening to/going to see The Destroyers more, though. I can’t emphasise that enough.


2 Responses

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  1. Andy Roberts said, on 18 January, 2010 at 11:18 am

    A million thank yous for this post.


  2. Russ L said, on 18 January, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Blimey, that constitutes fulsome thanks and I’m not entirely sure why. You are nevertheless more than welcome.


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