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Lots Of Things To See And Do In The West Midlands: November 2009

Posted in Combat Sports, Films, LOTTSADITWM, Modern Living, Music, Stage, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 31 October, 2009

So let us talk about what this is and what this isn’t. This is a list of things due to happen that I’ve heard about and that I think look like they could be good. This is not some proper arts listing or gig guide that you can submit your events to. Cool? Cool.

Standard disclaimers (y’know, the ones that appear here every month that you would have thought were sufficient to render the previous paragraph unnecessary): I can’t ensure that these events will go ahead, that they’ll be good, or that I will be going to them. This is just a list of things I found that looked like they might be interesting, so please do not contact me to ask for your event to be included. That’s not the way it works.

Until Monday the 30th – Shout Festival @ venues all over Brum – I don’t know what Pride is if this is (as claimed) Brum’s first dedicated LGBT festival but there’s plenty a-happening, mostly theatre and sport: line-up here.

Up until Sunday the 8th, but not including Monday the 2nd – “Eat Your Heart Out” (Kindle Theatre) @ The A. E. Harris Building, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham – Three cooks create a meal at the end of the world. A play including music and food for the audience (I think. Not 100% sure about that).

Sunday the 1st – The Bad Shepherds @ The Glee Club, Birmingham – Along with everyone else who was present at the Sunday of Moseley Folk this year, I absolutely adore their version of “All Around My Hat”.

Wednesday the 4th till Sunday the 8th – “The Event” @ various venues in Digbeth, Birmingham – Or rather a series of events. I like the sound of pigeon loft themed content at The Rea Garden.

Thursday the 5th till Saturday the 7th – Flip Animation Festival @ The Light House, Wolverhampton – With all sorts of animatory and computer gamery fun happening. You can even have a go yourself.

Thursday the 5th – Steve Earle @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – Doing a set dedicated to Townes Van Zandt. I’m told he was on fantastic form in Derby last month.

Friday the 6th till Sunday the 8th – Hellfire Festival @ The NEC, Marston Green, Birmingham – With Saxon, Fields Of The Nephilim, My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia, Blakfish and a load more. #MetalNovember and I suppose a bit #GothNovember too.

Friday the 6th – Clutch @ The Academy 2, Birmingham – Real Maryland Rock and that’s all there is to it. There are a few gigs on this night, though. (EDIT: Oh me oh my it appears that Kylesa are also on the bill. #MetalNovember).

Friday the 6th – Alabama 3 @ The Academy, Birmingham – See? London cowboys, anyway, and I’m not talking about cockney builders.

Friday the 6th – Beverley Knight @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – Yampy soulstress of high repute. Another victim of The Great Friday The 6th Gig Clash, but she is also at Symphony Hall in Brum on Monday the 23rd.

Saturday the 7th – Femme Metal Festival @ The Asylum, Hockley, Birmingham – Will it be challenging or reinforcing stereotypes? I’m never cynical as you know Ted. #MetalNovember.

Saturday the 7th – Damien Jurado @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – “If you tear down the dancehall places / Where’re we gonna see the beautiful faces?” he asks through the medium of swirly psychedelia. It’d probably be more apt for him to play in Digbeth than Kings Heath.

Sunday the 8th – Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – This promises to tell us what bassoon players are secretly obsessed with, and I for one would like to know.

Monday the 9th till Saturday the 14th – “Mrs Warren’s Profession” (Bath Theatre Royal) @ The Rep, Birmingham – George Bernard Shaw comedy, starring Felicity Kendall. Hopefully she’ll bring that pet bird of hers that flies around the outside of a flower while light music plays.

Monday the 9th and Tuesday the 10th – The Specials @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – Definitely looking like we’re getting towards our last chances to see them, now.

Monday the 9th – VV Brown @ The Academy 2, Birmingham – Poppy garage soul’n’roll. Really fun, going on the few songs I’ve heard.

Tuesday the 10th – The New Beautiful South @ The Academy 3, Birmingham – I actually liked The Old Beautiful South, now you come to mention it.

Tuesday the 10th – Woods / Espers / The Cave Singers @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – Folk rockin’ (head knockin’ quick droppin’, they laugh ‘cos they mastered the craft etc).

Wednesday the 11th – The Drones @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – Were bloody amazing at the same venue in June. Wouldn’t give a Castlemaine XXXX for anything else.

Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th – “The Waiting Room” (Other People’s Shoes Theatre Company) @ The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham – Three actresses wait together for their separate auditions. This sounds to me like the tradition of a play within a play, only it’s not actually in the play.

Thursday the 12th – Beyonce @ The NIA, Birmingham – The most famous person I’ve ever actually met. And that includes Pato Banton.

Thursday the 12th – Sham 69 @ The Robin 2, Bilston – Although apparently Jimmy Pursey isn’t in the band anymore.

Thursday the 12th – Worriedaboutsatan @ Ikon Eastside, Digbeth, Birmingham – Electronic/groovy-glitch types playing a gig in the name of the end of Ryoji Ikeda’s installation, through which he considers the nature of data between 0 and 1.

Friday the 13th – Einstellung @ The Flapper, Birmingham – Local Krautrocky repeatalots, and very good they are too. (EDITED: I originally had this on the 12th, presumably because I am a dur-brain. Ta to Big Dave C in the comments).

Friday the 13th – Deep Purple @ The LG Arena, Marston Green, Birmingham – DER DER DERRN, DER DER DERN-NERRN (#MetalNovember).

Friday the 13th – Martha Tilston @ The Glee Club, Birmingham – Folkstress with some fantastic album titles (I cannot find any fault at all with “Mouse Tales” or “Of Milkmaids And Architects”).

Saturday the 14th till Sunday the 22nd – The Grand Slam Of Darts @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – And Bully’s SPECIAL PRIIIIIIIIIZZZE…

Saturday the 14th – “Culture Jam” @ Moor Straight Station Wine Bar (I did not know that such a thing did or could exist) and Volt Warehouse, Digbeth, Birmingham – Anglo-Lithuanian arts and music and fun. Now there’s a sentence you don’t get to say every day.

Sunday the 15th – “Celebrating Darwin: Is Human Evolution Over?” with Steve Jones (the biologist, not the one from the Sex Pistols) @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – The response that leaps to mind is “Eh? What makes you think that it even possibly might be?”, but then again I haven’t heard what he actually has to say.

Sunday the 15th – The Christmas Reindeer Parade @ Birmingham City Centre – Santa with his reindeer, a-parading. We’re also promised lanterns and marching bands.

Monday the 16th – Joe Lally @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – Your man there from Fugazi. Mentioning ‘Fugazi’ is not, as some would have it, some sort of assertion of elitist superiority. It’s just a question of them being the band he’s in, y’get’me?

Wednesday the 18th – “Hearts And Minds” (The Drum & Khayaal Theatre Company) @ The Drum, Newtown, Birmingham – There was another play called “Hearts And Minds” around here not so long ago, but this isn’t the same one. In this, young Asif is forced to contemplate to whom or what he feels loyal to.

Thursday the 19th – Slayer @ The Academy, Birmingham – Slayaaaaaarrrgh. #MetalNovember.

Friday the 20th – Alec Empire @ Busk, Birmingham – At! Ar! Ee! Tee! Nage! Riot! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Saturday the 21st – The Supreme Cat Show @ The NEC, Marston Green, Birmingham – It’ll be a bit like this, I imagine.

Saturday the 21st – Junius @ The Flapper, Birmingham – Pinchin’-from-the-80s atmospheric indie-rock, but a touch (only a touch, lets not go mad) less obvious about it than your Editors and your The Horrorses and your Interpols and whatnot. Not that I dislike any of those.

Sunday the 22nd – The Pantomime Horse Grand National @ Birmingham City Centre – Stick a fiver each way on Airbiscuit, if he’s running this year.

Wednesday the 25th then all the way till Saturday the 9th of January – “A Christmas Carol” (Birmingham Rep Theatre Company) @ The Rep, Birmingham – By far the thing I’ve seen the most different versions of over the years, between stage and screen. I doubt I’m alone in that. The Muppets were the best, obviously.

Wednesday the 25th – Skunk Anansie @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – A band who aren’t exactly forgotten but (I think) deserve to be remembered a lot more widely than they currently are. Or were. Looks like they’re back together now.

Friday the 25th – Chuck Berry And His American Band @ The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham – That’s how it’s advertised. A shame, really: I’d always thought he sounded his best when with his Estonian band. It’s Chuck Berry, anyway, I’m sure I don’t need to describe him.

Friday the 27th – Dio @ The Academy, Birmingham – Surely the most #MetalNovember of them all.

Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th – “Tales Of Terror” (Happiness Patrol) @ The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham – Spooky stories from the theatre company that did an absolutely amazing version of Poe’s “The Masque Of The Red Death” last year.

Friday the 27th – Steeleye Span @ The Town Hall, Birmingham (no proper website as far as I can find, sorry) – Well, they’re no Bad Shepherds (see 1st), but their version of “All Around My Hat” is quite good too.

Friday the 27th – Discharge @ The Wagon & Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham – Not quite part of #MetalNovember, but there’s certainly some overlap.

Friday the 27th – The Heavy @ The Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham – Indie-hop-soul. Or somesuch.

Friday the 27th – Boxing (First Team Promotions) @ The Tower Ballroom, Edgbaston, Birmingham – First Team promoting at The Tower Ballroom seems to have been done deliberately to confuse me. At the time of writing it’s said to be Neil Perkins, Rob Hunt, Chris Truman, Nasser Al Harbi and Ben Wilkes all against the feared TBA. First Team then also have a doings at The Venue in Dudley the following night, with Alex Strutt, Jamie Ball, Richard Ghent, Dean Anderson, Spencer Evans and Rob Doodie all also against the dreaded TBA (once again as advertised at the time of writing).

Sunday the 29th – Motorhead / The Damned / Girlschool @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – Motorhead tend to try to get around the fact that they’ve been playing near enough exactly the same set for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS by always having a good supporting line-up. This does, by and large, work. P.S. #MetalNovember.

Sunday the 29th – A @ The Academy 2, Birmingham – 90s Britrock sorts who never seemed to get quite as big as quite a lot of their contemporaries. Nowadays I would put that down to them having such a pain-in-the-arse name for search engines.

Sunday the 29th – Thea Gilmore @ The Glee Club, Birmingham – Last time I saw her she thought Wolverhampton and Bilston were the same place, but I suppose we shouldn’t hold that against her forever.

Monday the 30th – Regina Spektor @ The Academy, Birmingham – Like a young Tori Amos, only a bit Russian.


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  2. Dave C... said, on 10 November, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Information received from covert sources suggests that the Einstellung gig is actually on Friday the 13th…

  3. Russ L said, on 10 November, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Edited accordingly. Ta.


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