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Bloody foreigners

Posted in Music by Russ L on 19 May, 2009

It may or may not come as a surprise to learn that, before Saturday, I’d never watched a Eurovision Song Contest in its entirety before.

The winners~!

Well, the UK entry managed to come fifth, but I don’t see why given that it was rubbish and boring. The same applies to the second place effort from Iceland. I didn’t mind the fiddle-playing in Norway’s winning entry, but the ploddy rhythm and vocals didn’t do a lot to endear me. Azerbaijan’s third place attempt was, at least, a little bit more memorable than most. I was (relatively) happy to see Turkey get in at 4th, though.

The ones that were actually the best~!

Were I to do the 8/10/12 points top three style of thing, Turkey’s aforementioned song would be my eight-pointer – it reminded both Louise and I of Holly Vallance’s “Kiss Kiss” in a funny sort of way, although that’s not really surprising since that was a cover of a Turkish song. I also can’t stop thinking about Tuc Biscuits since hearing it. I don’t even like them but they just keep popping into my mind. It’s driving me mad.

Second place/ten points would go to Armenia – a bit more rhythmic than most, and the idea of Caucasus Gothique is one that appeals. Probably the most interesting song of the whole competition, anyway. The best one, though, was unquestionably that of Moldova. Fun! That’s certainly what I want from Eurovision. Hay Hay! Hay Hay!

The supporting cast~!

Upon comparing the bits I’d seen of previous Eurovisions to this one, it’s clear that Graham Norton is not even a thousandth as good as Tez Wogan (given the opportunity here for a ‘Father Ted’ reference it would be remiss not to mention My Lovely Horse), but there we are. Andrew Lloyd Webber appears to have a small tapeworm under each eye. I don’t have the first idea precisely why Dita Von Teese appeared on stage during the German performance. I feel particularly sorry for the girl forced to stand in the far corner for Romania’s entry (Also: ye gods, that horn sound. Don’t use the pre-sets), and sorry to a lesser degree for the Ukrainian delegate who re-mortgaged her flat to pay for a stageshow (it was – at politest – an entirely stupid idea, but it’s still a bit of a shame).

Absolute winner = the Portuguese percussionist. Just look at him there. He’s having the time of his life.



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