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Hounds and other towns

Posted in Food, Modern Living by Russ L on 12 March, 2009

I am without a doubt A Cat Person, but I do like the doggies too. Louise, meanwhile, is very much A Dog Person and nearly died of excitement in the run-up to us going to Crufts.

Thursday the 5th, it was, for “Hounds and Terriers” day (I usually refer to all dogs as hounds in a general rather than technical sense, but I’m trying not to here to avoid confusion). So many cute pooches. We had a long look at the Parson terriers (Jack Russells, my sort-of-namesakes. They’re usually almost as irritable as I am, but the ones here were well-behaved) and miniature daschunds being judged (I’m none the wiser as to the judging criteria but it didn’t really matter when so very many of them were so very lovely), but the best bits were the actual events in the arena. The agility (i.e. the little assault course larks) is so much fun! It’s absolutely hilarious and really should be on the telly. I’d never heard of flyball before but that was also a massive amount of fun to watch.

We went to visit Matt’n’Chel in Leamington Spa on the 6th and 7th, and I mention this here mostly to recommend the wonderful Rasoi restaurant. In terms of food, décor, and service it was wonderful. The website there doesn’t seem to mention the lunchtime (it’s in Leamington so I’ll be posh and say ‘lunch’ rather than ‘dinner’) menu, which is very reasonable indeed (we had three lovely one-course meals and three soft drinks for inside twenty quid). I’m told it’s busy in the week, but it was more-or-less empty when we went early afternoon on Saturday. Go go go if you find yourself in Leam, you won’t regret it.

Also: my run of happening to be on the winning side in Trivial Pursuit continues. My secret is to make sure I’m teamed up with someone really clever.



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