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The internet has provided some music for you to download

Posted in Music by Russ L on 1 March, 2009

Legally, too. Fancy.

MP3: Friends Of The Stars with contributions from Nicky Getgood, Rich Batsford and other, erm, friends and stars – Black Velvet Band

I popped this one in the Delicious linklog the other day, but it bears posting again here. Bounder explained the whole story more clearly and concisely than I’m likely to be able, but a not-exactly-everyday turn of events saw Nicky Getgood (new address for her personal blog there, gang, so note well) of Digbeth Is Good fame win the chance to have Friends Of The Stars cover a song of her choice. She chose “Black Velvet Band”, the traditional Irish tale of perfidious womanhood (oh but ain’t they lovely, bless ‘em) leading to transportation… but no~! She re-wrote the lyrics to reflect the ongoing Noise Abatement Order nonsense faced by The Spotted Dog, The Rainbow, and other drinkers in Digbeth.

It’s a piece of folk-rock aceness and will have particular emotional resonance for any local gig-goers.

Zip file containing MP3s: Various Artistes – Holy Roar Records’ spring sampler compilation for 2009

Holy Roar, the label of my former muckers/guvnors Al ‘n’ El, have an eleven track free-to-download sampler compilation available for inspection. There’s lots of grind on one hand and lots of stuff with yelpy vocals on the other, as is their wont. Highlights for me include The Ergon Carousel (this track sounds as destructive as a whole tonne of grind bands want to sound but don’t. The stop/starts are so precise I actually thought the track was skipping), Maths (sort-of screamo-ish stuff with a strong sense of dynamics. I also absolutely adore the fact that they’re called “Maths” at a time when it seems that most young’uns are opting for the American “Math” variant), and y’all already know that I adore Rolo Tomassi (a radio session version of “Cirque Du Funk” here, which isn’t essential if you already have/know the original but gor blimey if you don’t already have/know the original then I’d advise you to get right on this right now. It’s also comforting to find that we live in a world where Rolo Tomassi can get on the radio).

Right then, chop chop. No time to lose. Get on with it.


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