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Posted in Blogstuff, Combat Sports, Modern Living, Music by Russ L on 16 January, 2009

Yes yes yes, I am officially crap at blogging nowadays. Sooncome: a catch-up of Fings Wot I Dun since the end of November (there isn’t actually a massive amount), and the finishing of some half-written nonsense about the Shuffleathon CD I made for Ben Swizzle.

In the meantime, an assortment of gubbins:

~ No end-of-year posts, sorry. Unless you really really want them. I was going to do a top 40/50 fightsport matches of 2008, but couldn’t quite manage to get around the barrier of not really being arsed after the initial rush of enthusiasm about the idea (While I’m here, though: Daisuke Nakamura gets my nod for Fighter Of The Year and he should get yours too). There isn’t going to be a Best-Popular-Music-Of-2008 post, either, because practice (if not theory) seems to suggest that I’ve gone off popular music. It’s been a good while since I’ve been more than peripherally bothered with the faff that recorded music entails, obviously, but on top of that I’ve been to sod-all gigs lately (there’ll be two in the aforementioned catch-up, and I’ve only really got two planned up until the end of February. There’s loads of theatre and fightsports on my horizon, though, if that helps).

~ Honestly, You Couldn’t Make It Up when it comes to what’s been happening at work just lately. If I tried to describe it all you wouldn’t believe me.

~ It’s all a-go at Created In East Bromwich. The era of Chr-Chr-Chr-Chr-Chris Uniiiiiiiiitt has ended (or at the very least is in the process of ending), and Kate Spragg of Colour (yet more gigs I haven’t been to, as per above) has assumed the position. On top of that, I am more than delighted to announce that CIB has won ‘Best UK Blog’ at the 2008 Weblog Awards (anyone following my Twitter or Delicious will have seen my small contribution to the larger advocacy/cheerleading campaign). That might not seem particularly consequential, but in doing so it beat Melanie Phillips of The Daily Mail/The Spectator. Disdain for The Mail and love for CIB aside, this is important in two ways:

~ First of all, as P’Ashton points out more eloquently than I’m ever likely to, this is an instance of a community-based idea-sharing blog beating one of those Dittohead/“I didn’t get a hurrumph outta that guy” styled efforts that make up the majority of blogs writing purely about politics and – for many – define the tone of blogging in general. I avoided getting a blog for myself for a long time, believing (wrongly) that these were the only kind of weblogs out there. Any demonstration that we’re not all complete and total tossbags should be applauded.

~ Secondly, it’s only proper that someone who suggests that using a blog to canvas votes for an award constitutes skulduggery (“Black arts”, no less) whilst repeatedly using a blog herself to point out the fact that she’s been nominated for said same award (she’s been nominated, you know. She’s not saying you should vote for her, of course, but she has been nominated. For an award. Nominated. Did she mention that?) should lose. Lose horribly. It’s only a shame that it wasn’t more one-sided.

~ I know I’m years behind everyone else with these, but I’m only just now discovering “Cracker” and “The Wire”. Who knew that cops’n’robbers telly serieseseses could be so good?

~ I really can’t make my mind up about Henderson vs Franklin. Obviously I’d like to see the creationist lose, but I can’t pick it.

~ I finally got around to putting Firefox on this computer (I did have it on the old one, time back) and found it to be so much more of a pain in the arse compared to Internet Explorer. I don’t remember it being like that (time back, as I said) and no, I’m not just trying to sound anti-techy. Should it really be necessary for so many things to require the downloading of a plug-in? It seemed so slow, too. I know that’s contrary to the standard wisdom and so I’m assuming something else I’ve got on’t’puter conflicts with it (any obvious suggestions?), but it was taking forever to do bugger-all. I’m carrying on with IE, even if it is supposedly letting nasty things eat my computer from the inside.

~ Speaking of which (probably only too directly), we had a virus that stopped pretty much everything from working but I managed to do a system restore and get rid of it (well… I think it has). How about that? I’m quite proud of managing to sort it myself. Salutes should go to Woozle’s laptop and next door’s wireless connection for enabling me to look up just exactly what the hell was going on, of course.

~ Not for the first time, I find myself thinking that is an edifice constructed entirely from Kafka’s nightmares. More on this when I figure out just what the hell is going on (I’m not entirely sure at present, but it doesn’t seem ideal).

~ There hasn’t been a LOTTSADITWM post for a couple of months and there won’t be for February, either. March, hopefully. Maybe.

So there we go. Be On Your Way.



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