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Twice as nice

Posted in Music by Russ L on 25 November, 2008

It was a good week for free gigs by bands I like. Two days after getting some free Einstellung, I got the chance to witness two (count ‘em, two) free sets in one night by The Destroyers, surely one of the finest musical ensembles of our times.

The first was in South Birmingham College in Digbeth, as part of the free bit of Gigbeth. I’ve waffled on about it before and so there’s no need to rehearse it all again; I hope that they listen to the reasonable advice of others for next year, lest it once again ends up looking like nothing more than a load of self-congratulation for adding a name to a bunch of gigs that would have happened anyway. There were bugger-all punters there, naturally. More wandered in as time went on but it was still far from full.

After they’d finished there, and with no small regret that I’d be missing Musical Yoot Dem on afterwards, I sploshed (oh mercy how it was raining) up Digbeth High Street to get the 50 bus, and headed on over to The Prince Of Wales in Moseley. I actually got there before (at least some of) The Destroyers did, which suggests that perhaps special relativity doesn’t work in exactly the way I thought it did.

It is slightly difficult to recall precisely what happened at the one gig and what happened at the other. Combine that with my standard complaint about having written about The Destroyers so often that I don’t have anything new to say and you’re not going to get a lot out of me here. People were tempted into dancing down the front at the SBC gig by the chance to borrow the famous hats, and “Out Of Babel” and “La Musica” (whatever it’s called) were highlights. I had to leave before they’d finished at The Prince Of Wales, but I recall the fastest version of “A Stork Crossing Dudley Canal” that I’ve ever heard. There was also (at one of the two) a preview of a song from Paul Murphy’s upcoming family “urban folk opera”, which seemed much more funk-based than standard Destroyers fayre.

They’re brilliant, alright? I suppose if you haven’t already paid attention to me on this one then you’re probably not going to.



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