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Even more things to see and do in the West Midlands

Posted in LOTTSADITWM by Russ L on 3 November, 2008

As Dunc of The Autumn Store once so wisely (as ever) noted, it’s a lovely thing for people to compile their own events listings on their blog. The calendar websites that list everything sent into them are essential, of course, but it’s brilliant to have some more individually-tailored things on top of that.

It pleases me to announce that November is well served. Aside from my own usual averagely bad efforts, two highly respected local organisations have blog posts promoting events that they see as worthwhile: there’s the latest in the ongoing series from 7 Inch Cinema, and the first in what will hopefully turn out to be an ongoing series from Colour.

More people should do this sort of thing. I strongly believe that.



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