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The second of two gigs at The Hare & Hounds towards the end of March

Posted in Music by Russ L on 9 April, 2008

My fellow trife ninjas of West Midlands Blogging Massive (yeah you better watch out) didn’t seem to be representing in quite the force I was expecting at the Enablers gig, but obviously they were all a-waiting for Capsule’s Efterklang gig on the 27th. Bloggers aplenty, there were. Loads of the little bleeders.

Our Broken Garden (one of Efterklang. She was on her own here, although I understand she sometimes plays with accompaniment) was already on when I arrived. Mournful (and very Nordic) piano ballads were her stock-in-trade, with a very pretty sound but a bit dull. I will, however, note that the songs on HerSpace page seem a bit more engaging than she was live (a bit more “Wish You Were Here”, perhaps).

Efterklang are, like the headliners at the gig I went to before this, a band you could adjectivificatisorate about for a long ol’ time without coming to any sort of useful result. They are oh-so very difficult to describe. ‘Sigur Ros’ is a common (if generally acknowledged to be incomplete) comparison that I myself cleaved to (while acknowledging it to be incomplete) last time I saw them, but that seemed even less helpful still this time around. Nevertheless, imagine a more song-based Sigur Ros combined with a more song-based Godspeed! You Black Emperor (yet again the ‘post-rock’ frame of reference will cause disgust, but I can’t help that) and a reallyreallyreally small but reallyreallyreally timbraly (is that a word?) rich choir. All of this could be very misleading if taken in too literal a fashion. I would thus recommend that you don’t do that.

The music is wonderful (in both the ‘good’ and ‘provokes wonder’ senses. Yes; that’s what I was trying to say in the last paragraph), then, but there’s some element of performance to it all too. Firstly, Efterklang have about 381 members. That always makes a band good. They were actually one short due to violinist Peter Broderick having been turned away by customs, but this problem was effectively surpassed by whistling and air-violin. Genius. Their trousers weren’t as mad as they were on the last tour, but (as grievous a failing as that may be) I can’t hold it against a band who not only have a big joyous clap-a-long but also have some of their members march into the audience with percussion to make sure it all goes well.

A nice early finish to the gig at 22:40, too. I approve of that.

Wechtie wrote about this gig too. Hoots mon!


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  1. The Baron said, on 12 April, 2008 at 8:40 am

    I know…I know…I should’ve been there. Next time. That Sonic thingy. Good use of the word adjectivificatisorate by the way.

  2. Russ L said, on 12 April, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    It’d be pretty difficult to use the word adjectivificatisorate badly, really.

    You were one of the very few bloggers from around here who actually wasn’t there. Whether this makes your taste more or less discerning is something I cannot figure out.


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