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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 9 April, 2008

Saturday the 29th of March gave me an excuse to go to Kidderminster (just what I’d been looking for!), in the form of Angrrr Management’s The Octagon Club MMA card. It was probably the least of the five Angrrr cards I’ve been to (in fact probably the least of any of the six MMA events I’ve seen at the Glades Leisure Centre), although that’s not to say bad by any means.

Speed and brevity seemed to be the theme of the evening – the first seven matches were over in the first round (five of them inside two minutes), and the three epic-scale affairs that followed only went for a couple of sessions. The fight of the night was probably the makeshift headliner (after Jacob Lovstad vs Kevin Thompson was cancelled. Shame they couldn’t have publicised that fact a bit more widely beforehand, really) between Chris Rice and Christian Smith. It was one of those wild brawls that our domestic MMA scene does so well, with a great atmosphere provided by the supporters of both getting behind their man.

This one was more about the future than the present for me, though. A few fighters had their first fight under pro MMA rules on this card, with particularly impressive debuts from Joseph Duffy and especially Eugene Fadiora. I’ve seen the latter before in the three amateur fights he had at AMMA and he always looked good, but this was an assured and confident performance even beyond those. He rocked former victim Neil Huntley with an elbow early on; Neil tried to take it to the ground, but Eugene inexorably manoeuvred to side control with both arms trapped (y’know, Matt Hughes position) and pounded for the quick stoppage. I realise I say this sort of thing a lot, but he’s a name to look out for.

The girl attempting to do post-fight interviews could have done with a bit more practice, though.



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