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Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 9 April, 2008

There was a whole pile o’ fighting on the telly on Saturday the 5th of March, and (just for a laugh) I decided to attempt to use Twitter to liveblog it. Nothing particularly funny or insightful resulted, but click on the ‘more’ if you want to see it (I don’t normally use those but it’s a bit long to post straight to the main page. Obviously, this only applies if you’re looking at the main page now. If you’re looking at this post on its own then just ignore this bit).

Still with me? Right so. My tweetings are replaced below, with all spelling mistakes and outright wrongness preserved for authenticity.

13:17 – A Warning: I may live-tweet all the fighting on telly tonight, so if you don’t want loadsa tweets from me then do the necessary.
19:37 – Watching the start of the boxing on ITV because the bleedin’ Freeview box is a bleedin’ pile of bleedin’ bleedin’.
19:41 – Michael Jennings vs Geroge from Georgia. Surely no challenge for Jennings. For some reason I always think he’s from Nottingham.
19:42 – Commentaters just mentioned Young Muttley. West Brom muffluffing represent. Ar.
19:47 – The Georgian punches like he’s dancing a one-handed cabbage patch dance. Then he gets repeatedly hit.
19:52 – “Jennings, just one defeat in his 33 pro bouts”. Yeah. To THE BLACK COUNTRY.
20:02 – Good stoppage.Blocking punches with your face does not count as defending yourself. Not a great opponent, but a good display from Jennings.
20:06 – Oh Barry booooy, the pipes the pipes are calling me…
20:11 – Choi Tseveenpurev vs Derry Matthews. I like the ears on Choi’s furry hat.
20:12 – For a ‘world title’ (cough). Trying to think of what ‘WBU’ title could be an amusing acronym of but failing.
20:15 – When I said I was watching this on ‘ITV’ earlier, I meant on the internet. Obviously its on ITV4 (channel 6?).
20:15 – Matthews looks about twice the size. Maybe Choi’s hair weighs a lot.
20:16 – Choi is as dirty a fighter as Matt Skelton. I love it.
20:21 – Kapow! I like this Choi Tseveenpurev even if I have to c’n’p his surname. Ooh, there was another good’un.
20:24 – Matthews getting murdered!
20:25 – Come on ref…
20:27 – 10-6 round for Choi~!
20:29 – Choi seems tired. Maybe murdering does more harm than being murdered.
20:30 – And Matthews takes the round. This is like a bargain basement version of Earl vs Katsidis.
20:34 – Matthews running away a lot.
20:34 – Aaaaand that’s got to be it. Surely.
20:35 – Yup! Choi picks up the win, the WBU title, and (most importantly, obviously) my fandom.
20:36 – This by the way is a live-tweet of all the fighting on tonight.If you don’t want all the tweets or any spoilers then de-follow me for a bit.
20:39 – Barry ‘Protector Of The Nations Dignity’ McGuigan has opinionz for the the populace.
20:41 – Anthony Krolla vs Yousef Al Hamidi, starting in R4 of an 8×3.
20:46 – Krolla Krolla bill y’all.
20:49 – This Krolla is not fulfilling the hype I’ve heard about him.
20:59 – Krolla if ya hear me. He’s lost this, though, surely.
21:01 – Yup. Two out of three house fighters losing so far. This amuses me. I like to see Fwank Warren doing badly, for I am a playa hatah.
21:09 – Barry McGuigan is the finest non-sectarian boxing soothsayer from County Monaghan, and I really mean that.
21:17 – Over to Channel 3 to see Amir Khan put his fist through the head of a cardboard cut-out.
21:25 – The misty, far-away looks in the eyes of McGuigan and Rawlings when talking about Khan’s biceps was sooooo sweet.
21:26 – Not Rawling, the other one. The one whose name I always forget.
21:30 – Khan isn’t using O Fortuna as entrance music anymore, it seems. I’d probably know this if I’d been arsed to watch his last few fights.
21:33 – One of the judges is from wolverhampton and thus incorruptable. Kristjanson exudes Danish melancholy.
21:37 – “Kristjansen is not a puncher” well I never. Wouldn’t have guessed that from Almost Everyone Khan Has Ever Been Matched Against Ever.
21:45 – Kristjansen earns a moral victory by not having died yet.
21:49 – “Attack! Attack! Attack attack attack!” is a genuinely great crowd chant.
21:57 – I have it 59-55 to Khan so far, but Kristjansen doing better than expected over the last few.
22:01 – No point off for hitting a man on his knees?
22:02 – Oh well, moot point.
22:16 – Went broadly as expected, anyway. McGuigan bit his tongue and managed to avoid talking about Khan’s muscles post-fight.
22:20 – Bit of a break now, before MMA.
23:00 – Wasn’t really a break as there was a classic boxing thing on ITV381. You can never get tired of Roberto Duran hitting people in the balls.
23:00 – New series of The Ultimate Fighter on Bravo now.
23:05 – Aaaaand Dana White is swearing his head off already.
23:06 – Dana should have asked that one geezer who was chewing if he’d brought enough gum for everybody.
23:09 – Forrest is unhappy about “a bunch of naked dudes” and doesn’t want handsome guys on his team. I wonder what he’d think of Khan’s biceps?
23:19 – Vicious end to the first fight. ‘Prince’ is unhappy.
23:21 – Cale Yarborough disappoints me by not having curly green hair. His opponent has apparently cut 17lbs in a day. Lord o’mercy.
23:29 – Kurt Angle advertises pro wrestling during the end of part 1. I am bemused by the fact that he’s still alive. Bemused? Yes, bemused I think.
23:33 – A black pen appears to have leaked onto Steve Byrnes’ head.
23:36 – “Don’t let him knee you in tha ass”. Rampage, as ever, is wise.
23:46 – Dana does lots of swearing to show his dislike of Lay ‘n’ Pray. Barry McGuigan wouldn’t do that. These MMA guys must be thugs after all.
23:56 – That wasn’t as funny as the Rampage / Forrest inclusion promised. Ah well. Dolloway appears to be the favourite to win the lot.
00:00 – Ultimate Fight Night on Bravo now. Already seen the results for this one, but not the actual fights.
00:07 – Houston Alexander has grown his beard out a little bit. He now looks a touch less like Queeg 500. Boo.
00:08 – He still has the most American name in the world ever, though.
00:09 – And just got bruck up by Irvine. Slight;y early stoppage but better that than a late one, in my view.
00:10 – The thought has just occurred that I’ve been watching the telly for nearly five hours. No wonder I feel fed up. 3 hours to go, too. Guh!
00:17 – Irvine offers Alexander a straightener on the car park. Barry McGuigan would be horrified. But also quite smug.
00:21 – Kurt Pellegrino vs Nate Diaz, the slightly less weed-addled of the Diazeseses.
00:30 – Fun first round. Excellent work on the ground from Pellegrino.
00:37 – That was a pretty stylish way to triangle someone, I have to say. Great showing from Diaz, walked through a lot of fire too.
00:38 – Had enough now. Not tired or bored, just sick of watching the telly. I’ll put a tape in for the rest and got to bed. Night-night all.


4 Responses

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  1. Maxxxine said, on 10 April, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    I have now joined Twitter. Another way to waste my life. Thanks Russ.

    Miss you by the way. xxxxx

  2. Russ L said, on 10 April, 2008 at 8:02 pm


    I am soooo all about following you on The Twitters.

  3. Maxxxine said, on 10 April, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Yay, I wonder what shenanigans I will get up to on there. Nothing exciting at the moment since all I seem to do is stay in.

  4. Russ L said, on 11 April, 2008 at 7:42 am

    I imagine most of your shennanigans take place at home. I’d advise not tweeting about them, though.


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