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You’d almost think time only went in one direction

Posted in Music by Russ L on 23 February, 2008

Capsule threw a bash in honour of ATP Recordings (I always immediately think of “Authority To Pay”, what with me being a civil servant and such, but to some it’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties”. To others still it’s “Adenosine Triphosphate”) at The Hare And Hounds, on Saturday the 9th of Feb. It was ace, but in terms of writing about it I have lollygagged to the point where I remember few specifics. Again. Yet again.

I arrived just as Dream Dreams The Dreamer finished, and so The Arm were on first for me. I’ve seen them quite a few times now, but I’d say this was one of best times. The Shellac-y discordant destructionification that they normally bring was all present and correct, but the songs also seemed somehow more epic this time. Thumbs up.

As good as The Arm may have been, Alexander Tucker took ‘set of the night honours in a walk. He’s played around here for Capsule a few times before, but I’d somehow not managed to see him before this. That really is a shame. He plays folk-come-ambient-soundscapes (that really, really doesn’t sum them up) through the currently fashionable ‘sample yourself and layer’ trick, making use of violin, cello, guitar both distorted and plucked, and vocals both sung and chanted. Absolutely magnificent, but I’m having trouble describing him. Maybe I’d have made a better job of it if I hadn’t left it a fortnight. Doubt it, though.

I had to leave halfway through Fuck Buttons’ set, but I think I liked them more than the first time I saw them. They seemed a lot less ‘noise’ than I remember them being – still noisy, obviously, but playful with it. The most fun bit remains when they add the tribal drums to the electronic squiggly-skronk, of course (although it didn’t have quite the same impact up on the H&H’s high stage as it did emanating from in the middle of the crowd at Scruffy’s last time), but then again that was the most light-hearted bit they did last time (if that makes any sense). Lots of people seemed to know songs, which surprised me as I had assumed (and I’m not sure why) that there was a lot more of an improvised element.

I’ll start getting back into the habit of writing about these things sooner. I promise.

~ Russ L

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