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No, honestly, there’s a world of difference

Posted in Music by Russ L on 11 February, 2008

I arrived at The Little Civic for the Babar Luck gig on Saturday the 2nd of Feb to find a grand total of zero other actual punters there. More turned up as the evening went on, but not a lot. It would be more irritating if it wasn’t tediously common.

So, one Liam Something (I didn’t catch his surname) started things off. His songs seemed to fall into two distinct categories, and I liked the ones with sparse guitar and half-spoken half-sung storytelling-y lyrics more than I like the more typical singer-songwriter-y stuff. Babar seemed to be getting into it, though.

Kelly Kemp (I can’t find a website, sorry), erstwhile of ska-punk sorts No Comply, is now doing a folky/country sort of lark. It was fairly typical stuff, but nice with it. She seemed likeable, too. There have been worse ways to pass half an hour.

Babar Luck is necessary. I’m not aware of anyone else out there quite like him. He and his acoustic guitar manage to sound unique mostly through dint of him being a complete loony (bless his heart), but that’s no bad thing – he’s a Londonstaani (his own term) spreading messages of peace and love, and you can tell he means it. A variety of different styles come together in his music (there’s folk, punk, ska, funk, allsorts), and when you have songs as good as “The Fight Game” and “Care In The Community” combined with his heartwarmingly loopy personality then you’re onto a winner.

On the downside, he did refer to Wolverhampton as ‘a suburb of Birmingham’ early on, and kept saying things of that nature throughout. No no no. Thinking about it, maybe that’s why there was such a crap turnout – perhaps they were all touring round the suburbs of Birmingham, looking for the one called ‘Wolverhampton’.



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