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A gig from nearly a fortnight ago

Posted in Music by Russ L on 10 February, 2008

Bugger and blast. I’m amassing quite the blogging backlog (again). Better get on with getting on with it, I suppose. This won’t be very good.

Tuesday the 29th of Jan saw me tootling my tootly way over to The Medicine Bar in The Custard Factory, for a Capsule gig. Taint started things off, and (as was the case last time I saw them) I find them fairly hard to describe even though their sound doesn’t really feel unfamiliar. They always get lumped in with sludge-type bands, and although there’s a bit of that about them it’s far from the entirety. There’s a good chunk of the ole time Zeppelin/Purple in some of their riffs, while some moments seem Helmet-y and some even a bit Black Flag-y. Absolutely rocking, whichever way up. I enjoyed them.

I wasn’t really aware of Kylesa before this, beyond seeing people going on about how good they were on messageboards and the like (yes, I know they’ve played in Birmingham before). They were absolutely wrecking. That’s a good thing. All sorts of metal styles came together perfectly, sludgy and crusty and at times a tiny bit deathly. Their two drummers gave them an air of being both frantic and epic at the same time (I am not capable of describing what I mean any better than that, sorry). Band of the night in a night with three good bands.

Baroness didn’t seem as loud as the first time I saw them, although perhaps once you’ve lived through them once it’s never same again. They didn’t quite make as much impact as they did last time, either, but were still very good. They seemed more quite a bit more song-y this time than the riff/different riff/different riff-y entity I remember, but I have no idea whether that’s them having changed or me just being saft. Crazy rocking widdley-wah fun.

All in all, a very good pop concert. I would like to offer a firm ‘piss off and die’ to all those who insist on wearing backpacks at crowded gigs, though. Nuts to you.

(EDIT: Also, this).


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  1. throughsilver said, on 11 February, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Bloody hell, I remember how irked I was at backpackers at gigs, back when I went to gigs. I just want to grab them by those stupid bags (which always happen to be full. Of what?) and spin them around til we build up sufficient centrifugal force (I think that’s the one) to send them flying out of the place. I used to go to ‘punk’ and ‘hardcore’ gigs, which was full of the bleeders. Believe me, that was an ‘urge to kill rising’ happening all right.

    As for Baroness: they are dead to me until they get their stupid Red Album vinyl copies sorted (dunno how to link in Word Press so Boo.

    Finally, I can empathise when it comes to backlogs. As I’m sure you are aware. Heh.

  2. Russ L said, on 11 February, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    I think their backpacks contain smaller backpacks, which in turn contain smaller backpacks, which in turn contain smaller backpacks still, progressing on and on until a point of singularity is reached.

    Or maybe they contain lunchboxes with sandwiches in. I don’t know. If any of the tosspots in question are reading this then I’d be obliged if they could enlighten us. And also explain why you don’t have the basic consideration to take the benighted thing off when you’re standing in a dense crowd.

    (It’s standard HTML, meanwhile, if you want your link to have different text. Or should be. It appears that it’ll parse a basic URL on its own, though, as you can see).


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