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Rollins Rollins Rollins, keep them wagons Rollins

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 31 January, 2008

And so to The Wulfrun Hall on Monday the 28th, for Henry Rollins‘ “Provoked” spoken-word doo-dah. I have seen The Rollins Band before, so this time I wasn’t surprised that he was shorter in real life.

I suppose the first thing to note is that the temporary chairs they use for the floor of The Wulfrun and The Civic just aren’t big enough (not attached together as they are, at least). I’ve sat in them before, but only ever at the end of a row where you can turn to the side a bit and get more space. In this instance I was in the middle, with a somewhat large lady on the one side of me. There wasn’t very much space. There wasn’t very much space at all.

Hank, anyway, insists that he’s not a lecturer and not a stand-up comedian. Initially I was nonplussed by that (stand-up comedy was definitely what I’d previously seen his ‘spoken word’ stuff as being, from the bit I’d seen on the telly), but it began to make more sense as time went on. He was hilariously funny most of the way through, of course, but not all of his stories were told with the purpose of humour. He was just telling his tales.

I get the feeling that precisely which stories he relays might vary from gig to gig, but here we heard an assortment of stuff that included his recent trips to Pakistan (he – a Westerner – was in the country when Bhutto was assassinated. Craziness), Syria and Lebanon, the first time he saw Van Halen (continuing onto the first time he met Diamond Dave Lee Roth, and the first time that The Rollins Band played in an arena), him singing for the reformed version of The Ruts, and loads more. Three hours worth, all together. All worth hearing, of course, but a touch painful in terms of sitting there.

Especially in tiny squished-up chairs.

Still: very amusing, occasionally informative, and definitely worth me having gone.

Edit: Also, this.



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