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Delete YourSpace, You Have No Chance To Win

Posted in Modern Living, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 27 January, 2008

Wednesday the 30th of January is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day.

It appears that a primary motivation for a lot of people taking part is “…because Facebook is better” and as mentioned previously I couldn’t be any less bothered about all that nonsense if Niels Bohr insisted I could only follow a specified orbit around a nucleus. MySpace, though, is a bit rubbish and I’m not sure I see the point of any of these things. That’ll do for me.

My history with The ‘Space can be broken down into four parts:

1) A few folk I knew seemed to have a MySpace account, and seemed to speak of it as a good way of keeping in touch with and communicating with people. I signed up to have a bit of a play (this was pre-Murdoch). I decided very early on that it seemed entirely ridiculous to add a bunch of people you don’t know at all as ‘friends’, and rejected all requests from them.

2) The trouble with that was that one of the obvious strengths of MySpace is that tonnes of bands are on there or thereabouts, all with easily-accessible songs to have a listen to. I thusly set up a second profile, just for bands.

3) It became obvious that I didn’t have any need for the ‘personal’ profile at all, whatsoever. There was nothing I did with it. Other folk, however, would periodically send me messages through it or comment on it, rather than send me an email like a civilised person. I therefore had to go to MySpace, log in if it was a message, and so on and so forth. I’m not trying to claim that it was a hugely onerous task, but it was a mild annoyance that I could easily get rid of – and so I did. I deleted it. My music adding profile continued to exist, to provide me with a selection of links to a whole bunch of bands and artists and also so I can access some of the bits of MySpace that you can’t see if you’re not signed in. It has existed like this for quite a long time, now.

4) (And this would be now…) But, but, but… there’s still no need. Although MySpace is a useful place to find music, it’s been ages since I’ve actally bothered to add a band. You can still listen to the tunes they have on there without membership. Whenever I do log in, my first task is always to delete a whole bunch of spam friend requests that have appeared in spite of the fact that I’ve put the phrase “Do Not Add Me” all over the damn profile. I don’t get a hell of a lot of the naked-lady-bots that the fella linked at the top of this post complains of, but I do get squintillions of bands who think that the fact that we have a mutual friend addition means I might be interested in either their everyday angsty teen-emo-rock with loooong draaawn out vowel sounds sung in nasal accents in place of hooks, or their stupid haircuts. Spambots, at least, are an automatic unthinking process; the fact that an intelligent human (well… I use both terms loosely) will decide to try and be my ‘friend’ without even reading my profile is something I would describe as annoying in my most generous of moods. In terms of the other features, I think I’ll be able to live without being able to view the photographs on there pretty easily. I will need to get an email address from one particular person, but after that the messaging system will have no use for me either.

All things must come to dust. I will participate in this most glorious of Wednesdays.



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