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Splenetic Memetics: Birmingham Blog Tig / Tag / Tick

Posted in Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 25 January, 2008

Right, read this first. Back? Good. Bounder of B:INS, it seems, has been tigging with memes. A couple of notes on terminology: Firstly, at our school it was ‘tick’ rather than ‘tig’ or ‘tag’. Whether that useage stretched any further than Causeway Green Infant School and Causeway Green Junior School (which merged to become Causeway Green Primary while I was there) is something I do not know. Secondly, ‘meme’ in this context means one of those internet chain-letter-y sort of things where you answer the questions or complete the exercise before handing it on to someone else. They seemed to be a bit of a blogging staple a while back, but I’d never been invited to take part in one before now.

It’s ‘Birmingham Blog Tig’, anyway. I’m not from Birmingham and Bounder knows this, but I will participate with the serenity only ever achieved by those who are well aware that part of the cultural imperialists’ plan is to wind you up and make you come over all unnecessary. I know your game, sunshine.

Task number one: Tell us an odd but fun fact about Brum. Blast, I don’t know any. A spot of research teaches me that apparently (well… according to this, anyway) a third of Birmingham’s population is under 24. Ain’t that mad? No wonder it sometimes feels like you can’t move for young ‘uns being young at you.

Also it apparently may or may not have more miles of cut than Vienna, or something.

Task number two: Tell us an odd but fun fact about this blog. I don’t think there actually are any. There’s always the time that Ozzy Osbourne declared it his absolute favourite blog on all of the internets, I suppose. That was about six weeks back. Jamelia and one of UB40 (I don’t know which of them is which) were off fetching him a pile of M&Ms of sufficient quantity and pigmentation to fill a brandy glass, and so Our Ozwald was on his own. Stevie Winwood had infiltrated the bunker under The Rotunda with the intention of assasinating poor Ozzie. As luck would have it, Ozzie leaned forward to examine my one of my LOTTSADITWM posts (he’s old. His eyesight isn’t what it was) at the precise moment that Winwood fired his gun. The bullet sailed over Osbourne’s head, and Nigel Mansell was able to burst in and apprehend Winwood with no harm done.

Ozzie was very greatful, but had forgotten everything that happened approximately ten minutes later. No links between Stevie Winwood and Sharon were ever legally established.

Task number three: Tag this post with ‘BirminghamUK’ and ‘BrumBlogTig’. I can manage that, I suppose. I haven’t ever really bothered with tags before. I may have a little play with them from now on.

So, there y’go. A bit feeble, but Bounder really should have seen that coming. Should they wish to play (and only should they wish to play), I slap the backs of and shout ‘Tick!” at Jezmoooond and Careless Jean. The full rules, once more, are here.


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  1. Jez said, on 1 February, 2008 at 11:40 pm



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