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Quick predictions for the weekend

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 7 December, 2007

This isn’t the potentially juicy post I spoke of (it won’t be that juicy really, or in fact juicy at all. I should stop mentioning it and building it up), but I wanted to get these down (before what may well be the biggest weekend of fighting ever, in my eyes) so that afterwards I can either crow or be crowed at.


– Floyd Mayweather Jr beats Ricky Hatton by decision (sucks, but there we are).
– Amir Khan beats Graham Earl by decision.
– Arthur Abraham stops Wayne Elcock somewhere between rounds 7-9 (again, a shame).
– John Duddy beats Howard Eastman by decision, prior to Eastman retiring.


– Clay Guida beats Roger Huerta by a razor-close decision.
– A frustration-fueled Dan Hardy smashes seven bells out of Manuel Garcia and stops him in the first round.


– Semmy Schilt and Badr Hari make it to the finals, and Schilt wins by decision.

I wish extra-special good luck to all of our local fighters involved in big or international fights – Wayne Elcock, Marcus Portman, Dean Harrison, Martin Gethin, and Rob Norton.



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