Call me Russ L

Better weather on the other side

Posted in Music by Russ L on 5 December, 2007

Quick ‘un to get this out of the way, since the next post could potentially be quite juicy. We’ll see, though. Don’t count on that. I went to see Beverley Knight at The Civic in Wolves on Thursday the 29th of November, and she was as great as ever. It was the same set as last time (well, it’s the same tour), and while not quite approaching the same ‘best time I’ve ever seen her’ level it was still great fun. The highlights were similar – “Black Butta”, “Affirmation”, the acoustic soul-y version of “Made It Back”, a really over-the-top (in a good way) version of “Sister Sister” etc. It’s always nice to see Bev looking genuinely chuffed to be home, too.

There you go. Concise. You wouldn’t have thought I was capable of it.



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