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Posted in Music by Russ L on 5 November, 2007

Two Live Set Of The Year Candidates in two consecutive gigs, how about that? I’ve seen Beverley Knight six times now (number seven should come next month), and I reckon this recent one at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall on the 29th of October was probably the best of them all.

Rewind, back it up. Cherry Blackstone (watch it, it’s one of those websites that opens a new window that you can’t resize when you click ‘enter’. I liked their live set, but if you wanted to not bother having a look and ignore their music forever because of this outright internet stupidity I couldn’t entirely blame you) were already on when I was eventually able to get in, and the name turned out to relate to the band rather than just the singer as I initially thought (it appears, in fact, that they ordinarily have two singers. Not at this gig, though, or at least not at the latter half of it I saw). Theirs was a cross between poppy soul r’n’b and faintly retro-ish pop-rock; a little bit like a more modern-r’n’b-influenced version of Lenny Kravitz, maybe. The songs seemed fun, and they did have bags of energy about them. They created a good impression on me, and I think I’d like to hear/see some more. The singer-lady will cripple herself if she carries on bouncing up and down on those heels, though. It’s also important to not that this band are not to be confused with Black Stone Cherry, who played at The Barfly soon after according to The Metro. That confused me when I read that, I’ll tell ya.

David Jordan was on next, and turned out to be quite possibly the campest man alive. His music turned out to be powerballad-y synth-y big 80s rock and dull. Lots in the way of bombast, little in the way of songs. A horrible little cover of “Roxanne” didn’t add much. Go away.

Our Bev’s appearance on stage was, unsurprisingly, warmly received by all. It’ll be similarly unsurprising for anyone to hear that her set consisted of loads of stuff from the new ‘un, ‘Music City Soul’. It hadn’t proved all that instant to me on record (apart from the amazingly amazing “Black Butta”), although it is growing (‘Affirmation’ was similar, when I think about it). It all sounded great live. I suspect (no grounds to base this on, but suspect) that Our Bev is quite rare in terms of artists of this type and this level of fame in writing songs with playing them live at least somewhat in mind. The opening “Ain’t That A Lotta Love” and the aforementioned “Black Butta” in the encore were especially fun.

The middle of the set saw everything break down into an acoustic soul-come-gospel bit (‘Made It Back’ sounded great reinterpreted thusly, although I wouldn’t want this version to replace t’other forever). There was no ‘Get Up,’ which is a shame, but yes – I think this was probably the best time I’ve seen her. She’s always absolutely overflowing with energy and charisma, but this time seemed even more so somehow.

There was more VeryHighHeel-bouncing, though. It’ll come to no good, of this I am sure.


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