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Hearken Ye: It’s An Odds ‘n’ Sods Post

Posted in Combat Sports, Modern Living, Stage, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 5 November, 2007

I’m going to rattle through this quickly, ‘cos I’m getting behind again.

– It was to The Arena Theatre in Wolves with me on Tuesday the 30th, to see Plested & Brown’s Minor Spectacular, which was very funny. Imagine a Hotpoint repair man whose advice on washing machines somehow always contains great wisdom relating to people’s lives, pursued by an incompetent journalist convinced that he’s an angel. There was also a robot made out of an Ikea bin, which is something I approve of very strongly. Very silly but very funny, with some more pithy social observations hidden in the middle of it all. I should definitely like to see some more of Plested & Brown’s plays.

– I went to see little Olivia in her dance show at Aldridge Youth Theatre on Sunday the 4th. Presumably I’m biased, but I really did think she was the best of her age class. The real stars were the tiny ones, though; forgetting what they were doing and just standing there waving to their parents, ending up facing the wrong way to everyone else and not realising etc. So very sweet.

– It’s a good time for British fighting. Not only did Calzaghe slice up the Danish bacon (by decision. I called it, I’ll have you know) and look great in doing so, but Frankie Gavin (of Birmingham!) has become the first Briton ever to win gold at the amateur world championships (alongside two other bronzes from the British squad, and a fourth olympic qualification on top of that). Sadly (and I do mean sadly), though, I wouldn’t predict any of the Brits to win in the upcoming big fights, although I’d love it if they did. I pick Mormeck to stop Haye somewhere in the last three rounds, Mayweather to beat Hatton by decision, and in the MMA I think Evans will take the decision over Bisping. It’d be great if I turn out to be wrong, of course.

– The more-or-less confirmed details about UFC 80 look fantastic. Although I’m annoyed that Birmingham finds itself being overlooked in yet another way, I’ve always wanted to go to Newcastle. I like bridges, y’see. It’ll be great to see a BJ Penn fight live, and I think Jess Liaudin vs Marcus Davies and Gabriel Gonzaga vs Fabricio Werdum have potential to be brilliant matches. I can hardly wait.

– It’s nearly Christmas~!

– I recently discovered (by virtue of “Catch-Up TV On Demand.” That really is a great feature if you’re like me and can’t be bothered with the telly apart from when it suits you) the Adult Swim cartoons, and chiefmost amongst them Frisky Dingo. I love it. It’s a fantastic mix of clever and stupid humour, and it attempts a lot of metatextual stuff that actually works. The “Previously on Frisky Dingo…” clips that didn’t actually happen but instead paraphrase (if you see what I mean) the prior episodes was genius, for example, and it took me a few episodes to realise what was happening (although, as will never not be worth repeating, I am quite thick). I may be incorporating “Boosh!” as a happy exclamation into my everyday vocabulary.



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