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Lots Of Things To See And Do In The West Midlands: November 2007

Posted in Combat Sports, Food, LOTTSADITWM, Music, Stage, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 27 October, 2007

This nearly didn’t exist. We had a dead proper computer for half of the month, and I would have been damned if I was typing all of this on a sodding laptop.

Standard disclaimers: I can’t ensure that these events will go ahead, that they’ll be good, or that I will be going to them. Please do not contact me to ask for your event to be included. That’s not the way it works.

Thursday the 1st to Saturday the 3rd – Gigbeth @ various venues in Digbeth, Birmingham – I think I liked it more last year when it was free, but there’s all sorts of stuff a-happening.

Thursday the 1st to Saturday the 3rd – Flip Animation Festival @ The Lighthouse, Wolverhampton – Your chance to behave in an animated fashion. There are a few different things going on, illuminated in PDF form here.

Friday the 2nd – Meatloaf @ the NEC Arena, Marston Green, Birmingham – Part of the same tour that we attended earlier this year.

Saturday the 3rd – “Capsule & Cake” @ The Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham – Part of the aforementioned Gigbeth, so you’ll need one of their day/weekend tickets to get in. Amongst others, PCM, Bee Stung Lips, The Plight and Cutting Pink With Knives are playing.

Saturday the 3rd – “Project X Presents” @ The Rainbow Warehouse, Digbeth, Birmingham – Six hours worth of assorted things, including Einstellung, Rich Batsford, Reginald Hunter, Aashiq Al Rasul, and plenty more. Theoretically part of Gigbeth but it’s worth noting that you need a specific ticket for this to get in.

Saturday the 3rd – I.S.K.A. British Opens @ Cocksmoor Woods Leisure Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham – Semi and light contact kickboxing.

Tuesday the 6th till Saturday the 10th – “Slava’s Snowshow” @ The Hippodrome, Birmingham – Sod your cynicism, this last year was honestly one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen on stage. Really, really magical.

Thursday the 8th – Gallon Drunk / The Courtesy Group @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – Part of the apparently undersubscribed ‘Curates Egg’ night. I can hardly complain, ‘cos I haven’t attended anywhere near enough of them myself, but you know how it works when we all ignore the interesting things and then wish we hadn’t… (Edit: I has a flyers).

Thursday the 8th till Saturday the 10th – “Reddington’s Rare Records – Music And Memories” @ The Alexandra, Birmingham – A production about the missed-by-many Reddingtons 2nd hand record shop, featuring music from King Pleasure And The Biscuit Boys and sundry other unnamed “special guests.” Sounds like it’ll be different, if nothing else.

Friday the 9th – Acid Mothers Temple @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – The march of the progress of Engrish advances. When unclear conversion is compared when there is Japanese psychedelia, the heart which is expanded simultaneously is small with method of affirmative quality, which it offers simultaneously. If there is no brain, it cannot understand that.

Saturday the 10th – Alice Cooper / Motorhead / Joan Jett @ The NEC Arena, Marston Green, Birmingham – On the one hand, this will rock like little else. On the other, the chances are slim-to-nil of the whole gig going by without someone’s hips going or their arthritis starting to play up.

Sunday the 11th – ‘Muay Thai Superfights’ (Showsport) @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – The annual big Showsport card. I don’t follow Thai (I probably would if it was easier to do so) but even I gather that Michael Dicks vs Tim Thomas is a really big fight at the domestic level. This one also features the well-known likes of Richard Cadden, Reece Crooke, Liam Robinson and various more.

Tuesday the 13th – Heaven And Hell @ The NEC Arena, Marston Green, Birmingham – Heaven And Hell are basically the “Mob Rules” era line-up of Black Sabbath, which is pretty good on “excluding the two original members least likely to make it all the way through the gig” grounds. Will this fill the NEC, though? I wonder about that. Intense wondering takes place.

Tuesday the 13th – Bedouin Soundclash @ The Barfly, Digbeth, Birmingham – That’s right, them from off of the adverts and such.

Wednesday the 14th – “Meeting Joe Strummer” (Middle Ground Theatre Company) @ The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton – Exploring the man’s life and times without simply being a biopic, apparently. I will be there if I don’t get Lost In The Supermarket on the way. Lord, that was a poor joke.

Wednesday the 14th – Amy Winehouse @ The NIA, Birmingham – I was going to continue my on-running LOTTSADITWM ‘Amy lookalikes’ joke here, but it seems a bit cruel now. Maybe when she’s better. It was either going to be Pete Burns or a shrub of some kind, if that helps.

Thursday the 15th – The Four Tops / The Temptations @ The NIA, Birmingham – So, between Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Joan Jett, Dio & Black Sabbath, The Four Tops, and The Temptations – is it “Good music but their hips packed up decades ago” month or something?

Thursday the 15th – The Lord mayor’s Mega Quiz @ The Great Hall, Birmingham University, Edgbaston, Birmingham – Hosted by Nick Owen of ‘Midlands Today’ world-fame.

Friday the 16th – Will Haven @ The Little Civic, Wolverhampton – Reunited. I saw ‘em first time around, ‘cos I’m good like that.

Saturday the 17th – AMMA @ The Holte Suite, Villa Park, Aston, Birmingham – Amateur MMA, with standing headshots. The last two AMMA events really have been fantastic. The card as it stands can be inspected here.

Saturday the 17th – The Supreme Cat Show @ The NEC, Marston Green, Birmingham – Aaaaw. Courtesy of ‘The Governing Body Of The Cat Fancy’, which is surely the greatest name for an organisation that I have ever heard in my life.

Saturday the 17th till Sunday the 25th – “Grand Slam Of Darts” @ the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – I not a darts fan as such but I do approve of it. It’s a worthwhile pursuit, I feel. I’m told that some of ‘em have finally caught up with Phil “The Power” Taylor, so maybe it’ll even be competitive.

Sunday the 18th – Mono/Jesu/Mothertrucker @ The Medicine Bar, The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham – Mono’s “Heavy like Beethoven” slogan has to be one of the poorer attempts at saying “We don’t see ourselves as an everyday rock band” that I’ve heard of late. Still, this should be very good.

Sunday the 18th – Boxing (Pugilist Promotions) @ The Rojac Building, The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham – Apparently, there’s gonna be boxing somewhere in The Custard Factory. I don’t know precisely where but I’d guess at The Rojac Building (that’s the only place with sufficient floorspace that leaps to mind) (Edit: confirmed in the comments below). Whichever way up, this features D. Mitchell and Thomas Costello, amongst others.

Monday the 19th – Ladysmith Black Mambazo @ The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton – Baked beans, get your baked beans…

Monday the 19th to Wednesday the 21st – Frank Skinner @ The NIA, Birmingham – (Insert usual story about him going to the same school as me, only earlier, and teaching at a college I went to, only earlier).

Tuesday the 20th – Mahler’s First (CBSO) @ Symphony Hall, Birmingham – Mahler once again proves that being a bit neurotic is not necessarily a bar to being completely ace.

Tuesday the 20th – Jill Scott @ The Academy, Birmingham – I really like Jill Scott and she was great last time I saw her, but £28.50 (!) for a gig at The Academy is taking the piss more than just a little bit.

Thursday the 22nd – Efterklang @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham – Pretty and minimal sort of stuff. I think ‘twinkly’ is the word I’m looking for.

Saturday the 24th – Muay Thai (K-Star) @ The Royal Suite, Perry Bar, Birmingham – Featuring Damien Trainor vs Rungchai. As above, I don’t know my Muay Thai in all that much detail, but I gather this is a big fight and having seen their first match I’m sure Damien will be boiling over with the urge to set a few things straight. There might be a few MMA matches on this card too (I’m not sure about that).

Sunday the 25th – Pam Ayres @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – You know what I wish? I wish I’d looked after me teef. That’s what I wish.

Tuesday the 27th – “Bach To Beethoven” (CBSO) @ Symphony Hall, Birmingham – I can’t help but be reminded of Douglas Adams’ quote – “When I hear Beethoven I understand what it was like to be Beethoven, when I hear Mozart I understand what it’s like to be human, but when I hear J.S. Bach I understand the universe.”

Tuesday the 27th – “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas” (Bilston Operatic Company) @ The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton – You simply can’t argue with that as a title.

Wednesday the 28th till Sunday the 2nd of December – The BBC Good Food Show @ The NEC, Marston Green, Birmingham – Mmmmmmm… foods.

Thursday the 29th – Beverley Knight @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – Our Bev comes home again.

Thursday the 29th – Ronnie O’ Sullivan vs John Higgins @ The NIA, Birmingham – As with the darts above, I’m not a snooker fan but it’s definitely a sport of which I approve.

Friday the 30th – Speakers Corner @ The Town Hall, Birmingham – Organised by Don Letts, this has seven artists (with Skinnyman being about the most famous amongst them) backed by a house band, discoursing on the subject of what it means to be free in modern-day Britain and the legacy of slavery.


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  1. Tom Podmore said, on 28 October, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    Don’t want to be picky but D Mitchell’s name is not Dean. Thought I’d let you know because D gets annoyed that Boxrec has Dean – BBN has the right one, Delroy.

  2. Tom Podmore said, on 28 October, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    P.S. You are right, Russ, the boxing does take place in the Rojac Building. Eleven amateur fights in the early afternoon, a one-hour break – as there cant be pro-am shows – then four professional bouts at around four-thirty.

    The tickets for 15 amateur and professional bouts will be a bargain at £25. I know all this because I’m involved!

  3. Russ L said, on 28 October, 2007 at 1:01 pm

    That’s not picky in the least, that’s something that needed pointing out. I’ve edited, anyway.

    I like the sound of this card, anyway – the early runnings should let me get to the Jesu/Mothertrucker gig at The Medicine Bar there on the night, as well. Score.

    If you’re involved in the promotion then you might want to let Pete who runs The Custard Factory’s website know about it (contact details and so on at the other end of the link). When I mentioned this to him he didn’t know about it but was intrigued, mostly because it’s not the sort of event you expect to see at The Custard Factory.

    Is this just a one-off for them outside of Ringside, or likely to be an on-running thing?

  4. Tom Podmore said, on 28 October, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    It will be an on-running thing. Jon Pegg, former pro and matchmaker for Ringside, and John Costello, father of Tommy and head-honcho at Chelmsley Wood ABC, want to put open shows for the best of Richie Woodhall’s lot.

    Ringside are only putting on infrequent dinner shows now and young, exciting talent like Tommy Owens, Tommy Costello and Eddie McIntosh want to fight often on open shows – they can all shift tickets. I would count like to count D in that bracket, but he isn’t a young man – just turned 30.

    It will, providing it’s a success (which I should be), be the first of many.

  5. Russ L said, on 28 October, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    Sounds good to me. I approve of more non-dinner-show cards.

  6. throughsilver said, on 29 October, 2007 at 1:28 am

    I saw Will Haven first time around too. They supported Deftones and their tribal drummy song (everybody had one back then) was enough to provoke me into a t-shirt buying frenzy. OK, maybe not ‘frenzy’, but I was proper after one.

    I foresee Heaven And Hell being a sellout. It’s Diommi, for Sabbs’ sake.


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