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GDFAF #13: Shana Tova/Tom Bellamy/The Cribbler (19/10/7)

Posted in Going Deaf For A Fortnight 2007, Music by Russ L on 22 October, 2007

GDFAF number thirteen (into the final furlong by this point) was chaotic to say the least. The plan was to go and see Capdown at The Barfly, on their final ever ever ever tour. I arrived to find it sold out. Blast. Unlike Clutch or Battles (two other sold out gigs at the same venue this year), there was no happy little Johnny On The Spot in position to sell me a ticket at face price. Alternate plans were needed. It really is a bugger, since I won’t get to see Capdown again now, but that’s life. I raise a glass to them; they were a good band.

Faffing about ensued, and plenty of it. I eventually ended up heading to the Island Bar to see Mills & Boon. It turned out that they weren’t playing, of course, only one of them, but never mind that. I’d never been to the Island Bar before, but quite liked it. Functionably nice, it was. And it had paving stones indoors in the upstairs room. Whatever next, eh? I didn’t try any of their cocktails but I may have to next time.

It’s also possibly worth noting that this gig turned out to be an Oxjam benefit. There were quite a few there, so presumably a good sum was raised.

The Cribbler (of the aforementioned Mills & Boon) started the larks off, but alas had to compete with the excitable yakking ‘n’ yelping of morons. Why? Why oh why oh why? When there’s an entire downstairs available, why do you choose the room in which an acoustic artist is playing as your venue for discussing which branch of Tony & Guy you like the most? Because you’re a pillock, that’s why. Nuts to you.

The Cribbler was ace, anyway. Nifty finger-pickering tricks on the old guitar, combined with some unusual but really intriguing lyrics. He also has the ability to switch from ‘calm’ to ‘manic and intense’ on a sixpence, which adds a lot. I really enjoyed his set, certainly more than I remember liking him at last year’s GDFAF. It’s a shame about all the other sods in the room. I mean, come on – it’s a safe bet their conversations weren’t interesting as what he was doing, isn’t it? I’m going to shut up about this now. It’s not good for the blood pressure.

That was about it for interesting music, as it turned out. Tom Bellamy and his band played folk/country-rock stuff without any immediately attractive songs or other points of interest; Shana Tova played emo/post-hardcore stuff without any immediately attractive songs or other points of interest apart from a singer who was irritating in both face and manner. It was cracking on late, so I had to leave before The Will To Rally played, but I didn’t especially like them when I saw them last year and so they can be added to the general hurrumph.

Still. The Cribbler was good, the venue wasn’t bad, and it was for a good cause.


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  1. dunc said, on 26 October, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    There is nothing more frustrating than gabbing at gigs. Especially when it’s someone like The Cribbler who’s more about the intricate guitar work rather than having the wattage in the amps to play louder than people can talk.

    Possibly a bit harsh on Shana Tova here, though I can see how you might not have enjoyed it after the events that evening. I thought they put in a good set, and I do have to at least mention that their drummer was truely excellent – one of the best drummers I’ve seen round these parts for a long time.

  2. Russ L said, on 26 October, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    Although context has its effect on everything, I wouldn’t blame earlier events for me thinking Shana Tova were dull. I’d blame them being utterly generic.

    Meanwhile, I saw both Unsane and Bee Stung Lips at a gig two nights earlier, and Blast! the night before that. My own “best drummers I’ve seen round these parts for a long time” bar is set exceedingly high at the moment.


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