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GDFAF #11: Unsane/Bee Stung Lips (17/10/7)

Posted in Going Deaf For A Fortnight 2007, Music by Russ L on 18 October, 2007

It was back to something a touch less Out There for GDFAF number eleven, with a Capsule gig at The Medicine Bar. I understand that it’s named ‘The Factory Club’ now, but that just doesn’t feel right. I will continue to call it The Med Bar until someone tells me not to. I like the place as a venue, but I don’t like their drinks prices. You can get around this, though. Ahem.

Bee Stung Lips opened this two band (uhuh) bill, but were suffering from a misplaced singer. As a three-piece they seemed somewhat less manic than usual, but (perhaps because of the lack of distractions) the power of their music came through more. The Jesus Lizard reference that always comes to mind seemed a lot stronger this time, and in a funny sort of way a more hopped-up version of our headliners for the night came to mind at times (this is just my mind, though, and my mind was undoubtedly influenced by the fact that I was imminently about to see them). A different side to the Bee Stung Lips we usually see, but worthwhile.

Unsane are a band I’ve wanted to see for many-a-year, and happily they didn’t disappoint in the least. I suppose the funny thing about Unsane is that as much as I like them, I could very easily see how someone else wouldn’t. In a lot of ways, they are just your basic rock. They have the odd funny time signature and atonal bits, but it’s just rock. The difference is, that they’re Rock To The 381,000th Degree without any of the silly fripperies that so often get added on. Rock fired out of a volcano into the centre of the sun. There’s an almost elemental degree of power squeezed out of basic (if overdriven-to-Billy-O*) blues-based songs. So very loud, as well. Not too many gigs make my ears ring these days, but this one did. One could make a case for a Godflesh-esque trance-state being achieved by the repetition of Great Big Bloody Riffs, but I think that’s reaching a bit far. They just blow your head off, and that’ll do me just fine. Lovely stuff.

As an aside, there was a nice early finish too. This is unusual for a Capsule gig.

* Edit: Billy O, of course, will be spoken about as part of my twelfth GDFAF night.



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