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GDFAF #6: Raging Speedhorn/Shaped By Fate/Mothertrucker (11/10/7)

Posted in Going Deaf For A Fortnight 2007, Music by Russ L on 12 October, 2007

To The Little Civic in Wolverhampton for Goodfaff number six, with The Boy Trigger joining me (via a very unnecessarily circuitous way of getting to Wolves, bless ‘im) a short way in. It’s a strange little venue, that Little Civic; the gig room upstairs is just a large, more or less completely bare room with a stage at one end. The walls are absolutely covered with posters for former and upcoming gigs (for the place itself and its sister venues, the Civic Hall and Wulfrun Hall), so if a band turns out to be boring you can always inspect the walls instead. A very pretty chandelier hangs from the ceiling and tells a story of former glories long since faded.

Mothertrucker were on first, with this being the 18th time I’ve seen them (my second most-seen band ever, fact fans). This was their first gig with their newly-grown extra head (on third guitar), and a bit of a warm-up before their re-enactment of the Hundred Years War (or tour of France. One of the two, I forget which). They play instrumental metal, if you’re not aware of them, capable of sounding both savage and spooky, both melodic and face-tear-y. You wouldn’t have been able to tell that it was the first gig with the new fella, sounding immediately as tight as they did, and his Orange amp added a lovely new element to the guitar tones. I’ve written about Mothertrucker too many times before to have anything to say about them here; it was a typically strong set.

Shaped By Fate were more fun than I expected when they started. Metalcore-y stuff, but far from the most generic I’ve ever heard and with some fun thrash riffs here and there. This could be another example of Russ L going soft (see yesterday), but they seemed alright.

Headliners Raging Speedhorn were a band I saw a couple of times a good few years ago, and didn’t realise were still going until I became aware of this gig via Mothertrucker. They’ve changed a lot since then, both in terms of line-up (I can never remember faces, but they had two singers back in the day) and in terms of sound. They used to do a catchy sludge’n’roll sort of thing, but now seem to play a more generic mix of various metal styles with little memorable about it. The bouncing-off-the-walls (I mean this literally) performance made ‘em a touch more interesting to watch, but I was still bored by the end.

Sorry about this post, by the way. I can’t seem to get the words flowing today.

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  1. Chris C said, on 13 October, 2007 at 10:04 am

    I knew Speedhorn were still going but it just wouldn’t occure to me to go and see them nowadays. They were a good band for back in the day, when I was younger and knew less of the ways of the world.

  2. Chris C said, on 13 October, 2007 at 10:04 am



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