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Hey Hey Do The Zombie Stomp

Posted in Modern Living, Music by Russ L on 4 October, 2007

I’ve been spending altogether too much time down south, lately. I recently went to Milton Keynes to visit Matt ‘n’ Chel, that most adorable of couples.

Milton Keynes doesn’t really seem worthy of the names of either of those great men: a rigidly gridded network of identical crossroads and carparks. The glassy atmosphere of New Build hangs in the air like mist. Robotic women push trolleys around brightly lit supermarkets. Maybe. Loughton (‘Lauton’ not ‘Luffton’. Where they actually live, anyway) was quite nice, though.

We went to see everyone’s favourite zombie (no, they really are zombies) thrashers Send More Paramedics at the Woughton (what is it with the -oughtons?) leisure centre, who were typically fun. Sanzen were also OK-ish, and the other two bands less interesting. Once more, as with here, it seems strange to be writing about this sort of thing in this sort of post.

The grand total of “Different Wetherspoons Pubs I Have Visited” was increased to 19. I mention this for the sake of completeness.

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  1. jezhiggins said, on 4 October, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    The roads may be gridded, by they are far from identical. Mayhap you weren’t paying attention. Or quite possibly not cycling.

    Milton Keynes (not actually named after either of ’em as it happens) has three -oughtons. Cunningly they’re all pronounced differently. Loughton is, as you note, Lauton, Woughton is Woofton, and Broughton is Browton. At least that’s what they were when I lived there. I guess the the Milton Keynes accent (yes, indeed, there is one of those) might have modified since then. It’s a young thing, after all, and still growing.

  2. Russ L said, on 4 October, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    What, then, is the origin of the name? I’m sad about this, as it renders my oh-so-hillarious joke of sending them ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘Grand Theory…’ as a moving-in-present a bit invalid.

    It really did look uniform and identical as a passenger of a motorist, at least.

    p.s. This comment has confirmed my suspicions that I hate typing on a laptop. GDFAF is going to be oh so fun until the proper computer is fixed.

  3. jezhiggins said, on 4 October, 2007 at 10:18 pm

    Milton Keynes when designated a new town, or rather a New Town, was formed from existing villages. Three of them were large: Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Bletchley. The other, Milton Keynes, was tiny, and it’s name was used as the name for the new town. I’m can’t recall why, but there was some politicking involved, I think. The old village of Milton Keynes still exists as part of the Milton Keynes, and is called Milton Keynes Village.

  4. Russ L said, on 6 October, 2007 at 5:13 pm

    Ah. Middleton De Keynes. I see.


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